1. Brooke Thome

    Mr.beast told me to sub and so I did😂😁😋.

  2. ᴄᴀʀᴇʟᴇssML


  3. 777 K

    6:47 it’s actually Shicho though...

  4. Yue Zen M.Paroginog

    (pewdiepie no more cat ears) Me: finally, inner peace...

  5. Camp LeDuc

    Yes it can.

  6. Louie Manatad

    hahahaha yawa

  7. Russel Martin

    What man, I think we need to see Test

  8. Rashid Zia

    pewd is getting old

  9. Russell Hall

    He loves that sword

  10. esRodrigo XD

    7:30, laughed, cheked my arm, stoped laughing lol

  11. Breadzzrey

    What's the thing that made the aaAAAAAA noise I need two

  12. Natty Joachim


  13. A username

    Just navigate around the cringe straight tiktok and right wingers and you got some god tier content

  14. ninja blevinsfortnut

    Karl is cringe

  15. Ahmed Syed

    “Tiktok is cringe” “Every one subscriber I get a subscriber”

  16. SavageCabbage25

    I hate tiktokers

  17. Eyobed Ayele

    Anyone hear about the kid who died because of a tiktok challenge. I am not joking.

  18. Local Meth head

    Tik tok is taking over YT right now even pewds is watching them lol

  19. OzzyCars06

    Tiktok uploaders has no shame. I deleted it. And you can fix a lot of thirsty girls there thats the good part of tiktok

  20. Tweedie sept

    He acc got rid of the cat ears😥

  21. Hugo Stiglitz

    I was legit so worried that bunny was gonna get run over but instead, it jumped high enough to clear a double decker bus LMFAO

  22. Noahzander

    Shout out to all my Karl haters


    nArowTooO ...

  24. Ninja

    It's my birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  25. Noble 7

    I don’t have a freckle but I have a weird red dot that I have no idea what it is

  26. Damian Wayne


  27. Ivana Rodriguez

    I love erased but since pewdiepie didn’t give it a 10/10 I will give it a 5/10

  28. Edmar Edrada


  29. Boyce Ma

    wtf, that freckle thing..... I have one wtf

  30. Pexam

    haha. never rick roll pewdiepie :O

  31. Ryhmmes

    It seems people making TikTok are getting effortless

  32. Rörh Baum Bäm

    Tik tok Quality 🤣😏

  33. Rayshad Mahabir

    This got recommended 4 years later

  34. Hi Hello

    Imagine studying for several decades and working for several years and get told that what you and your colleagues made isn't real lmao

  35. Borkify

    I guess Felix was right, he was an actual physcopath

  36. jairus Playz

    Same pewdiepie

  37. Floor Gang

    Why do people hate Karl he looks so chill

  38. Spotless Peaches

    It was cringe watch Felix shame athoure things that were informational, like the tax right off thing, or the amzon thing idk 🤷‍♂️

  39. FullmetalQuinn :P

    Tiktok gets fun once you find stuff that fits your humor. You find these gems that are so worth the cringe. But yes, there is som much cringe

  40. K4 K

    Who's Nancy Kerrigan?!?! You prolly don't know who Tanya Harding is then 🤭

  41. Rift

    I don’t know why a PewDiePie looks like his 2017 self

  42. J H


  43. Socialism Kills

    Hey, I remember that girl! We had a great time. 😎

  44. Paskky Pask

    You gotta love good ol' fashioned PewDiePie

  45. Mr Hippo93

    Bro i swear every time pewdiepie was trying to be funny it was so annoying with his mocking literally just repeating the thing they just said 4 times with a scrunched face

  46. Dorugoramon 0

    And this is why people need a dad in the house.

  47. Jayce Playz


  48. Chloe Senter

    What are the original videos?

  49. lucas

    We need a second episode of this, godamm there soo many more apology videos now.

  50. Sorry My Bad

    Not a Tiktoker or watch Tiktok videos but Pewdiepie hating on the people on it could be another generational feud.

  51. Jayce Playz

    Pewdiepie never watch U-boat ride when I the right when I watch to my head blowed off

  52. Magnus 770

    Felix did not give a fuck in this video felt like it was 2016

  53. Frazier L

    I actually had to stop watching because it's so cringe

  54. BlueSmily

    tik tok stole our youtbers like David Dobrik

  55. Clamcasino

    Karl sucks

  56. Sam

    The floor is made of floor.

  57. Sean Allan

    7:00 gingers- meh everyone else- whoa

  58. B_assMan

    Felix: *_"yoU GAvE ERaSeD a tEn!?"_* Also Felix: **Gives Pop Team Epic a 10**

  59. Keigo Takami

    Pewdiepie: tiktok is cringe Also pewdiepie: *reacts to tlc videos and splitting $1000 videos that were popularized on tiktok a literal week before he makes them

  60. call_me_blue

    The david dobrik joke oml LMAO

  61. edwin francisco valenzuela bojorquez

    Subtiteles viedeos iam not espeak

  62. Julian Billingsley

    Ok don’t have tik too but I don’t hate Karl from mrbeast I just miss Viking and Marcus and the boys

  63. Kiyiya Shirayuki

    Society is full of TikTokkers Society nowadays dont know what theyre doing with their brains

  64. Flaming_ Artemis

    Imagine Felix's Minecraft world "broland" came to life, like Sven aapeared in his recording room, Joergen appeared in Felix's backyard, Ulla Brita appeared on Felix's bed and water sheep(got revived) appeared in Felix's bathroom sink. 😖😖. I actually imagine what Sven would look like IRL

  65. asian cat

    POV: you’re here before 1 mil views

  66. Joshua C

    Tik Tok is poison and its people are idiots!

  67. ProForcE

    7:34 I don't have that mark

  68. Serena Roberts

    Trisha, he acknowledged it!

  69. AB Gaming 3857

    Happy ramadan to all

  70. Александр Щербаков

    First you wonder, how can you can get that fat by eating mattresses, and then you see her mom

  71. Lisa

    Hey, it would be super awesome if you could play little nightmares 2. Would love to see you playing it!

  72. Caelix The designer

    I’m sorry but why is Felix nose to shinny today

  73. Alex QA

    69 million views Haha funny number

  74. Ethan Van regenmorter

    I completely agree with this tile

  75. Cory Thrutchley

    7:44 I have literally walked across the Hoover Dam before

  76. meghan buchanan

    My Google home looked up "church" when he said buy pewds merch

  77. David Landry

    PewDiePie; anti water segregation

  78. Justin Zhang

    if Jack Black was an angry bird...

  79. Inderjeet singh

    thata cringe not funny.

  80. I eat CEREAL!!!

    Eat your cereal