Big Hero 6 Mom Is a Lie... [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#88


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    1. John Parker

      I wonder how the person who created the aunt cass meme reacts to people finding it's not real😂😂

    2. AGOY . GAMING

      Hii bang

    3. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️

    4. Senzu Man

      4:00 for the boobas Part on big hero six

    5. Protosoma

      Contrata dobladores bro no entendi ni verga XD

    6. Make My Sock Famous


    7. Mia KANAZAWA

      that woman is not a mum. she is a aunt

    8. Muhammad Dzaky Hasyim

      No Nut Ramadhan Incoming

    9. Shoe Seller

      The succinct budget beverly cure because party exemplarily stretch between a simple governor. vast, sick sailboat

    10. Juan-Pierre Giezen

      no nut decade

    11. Luke Zepeda

      This whole time it looks like Felix is crying cause the characters don’t have large enough thighs.

    12. Iago Antonelli

      "Wait, it's all sus?" "Always has been." *kill sound*

    13. Superman Vinny

      You had me at the Batman.

    14. dopp

      Being a pretty girl is not allowed anymore, everyone should be just average and every man should be afraid to say anything - that's the future this social puritans try to build!

    15. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Among Us really IS every everywhere. 😂😂

    16. RAJIL Rajil


    17. Shivansh Singh

      I watch Big Hero 6 at the school cinema when I was in 9th standard. I looked at the photo of the aunt and thought wait a second something feels off. I don't remember watching this part. Rewatched the whole movie searched on youtube and still nothing and now I feel disappointed. God dang it.

    18. Victor Pacheco

      9:11 now that I think about it.... no one's seen it on their phone with a red phone case

    19. Luka Lilane

      4:00 wtf is up with that mouth on the Lola on the right. Like... TF.

    20. The rotten egg

      big P6😂😂


      No no no, thats it not good for children, that it good for me ...ha...ha..ha

    22. Ben Mach

      Blessed FCLC poster

    23. raqilla adli


    24. MARK ClOg

      Damm sus

    25. XboxOneWarrior700


    26. Sakura4anime25

      If I remember correctly, they did that re-design of Lola and her personality for one of the more recent Looney Tunes shows, so they are probably going more off of that design. Honestly, I thought it made her a waaayyy more hilarious and interesting character (though that is of course more due to the refined personality than the physical traits)

    27. Jinjinn


    28. M.D Creations


    29. ShaD K-Mon troopa

      7:33 March towards No Nut

    30. 77 Abdulla


    31. Danny JB

      Pewds: 3:43 Me: _Are you sure about that?_

    32. Michelle Petersen

      But thats not his mom thats his aunt

    33. Ferner


    34. JoNatHan K

      Spot the difference: Hight : Left looks 6 feet Right looks 5 feet 4 inches Eye Color : Left more Blue Right more Green Clothes : Left more Wight Right more Blue Fat % : Left Fat in Legs and Chest Right Less Fat Skin/Hair Color : Left more Animal Right More Human.

    35. Christina Chung

      should i feel bad that i never watched Space Jam🙄🙄

    36. Vr S

      Who's this dude, he sounds like Peter from Family Guy

    37. kimble games

      Check wheelie King 4

    38. Maulana Ismail

      Wait, wtf. Wkwkwk

    39. laugh away

      Most memes from r/dankmemes and r/memes are just blergh.....and they got upvoted.

    40. Kaan Zeki Koc


    41. Emmett Moremalm

      Meme theme of 2020/2021 - Among us, and babbas... Hugh... amongus... babbas.... everywhere... Humongous boobs, final verdict.

    42. Pogi Ako

      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    43. Diavolino1988

      Big Chungus is back!

    44. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    45. Waffle Road와플로드

      a video of spam cooking on a waffle machine

    46. PJ Dianalan

      Hey, if you want thicc bunnies, then go play FNAF...

    47. nehemiah bowens

      Ok I noticed now my toe jar is sus

    48. راشد الحربي


    49. D.W.M

      Hi from indonesian

    50. Trxly.MurdererYT

      I died once the among us memes showed up. I have an ass sense of humor.

    51. PWheat23

      Lola from Space Jam < Gadget from Rescue Rangers

    52. Amrie Turner

      the TARDIS music lmao

    53. maury tucu

      Fua la re vivis escubi

    54. Ketut Adi


    55. MattyGeneric

      *Where ARE THEY!, WHERE ARE THEY!!!!*

    56. Jay Chaudhari

      Cocomelon intro?

    57. Zimov

      Rule 34

    58. Valrino Baring

      That fcking amongus meme made me cough up blood.

    59. Dan Zitro

      Don't wonder why furries are a thing when you got stuff like Space Jam raising kids and other sexulized animals in every cartoon

    60. Mr.Goldman Gold

      Hmu on Instagram @Theofficialvmode 🤳👀

    61. Andrei Romero


    62. The Shiny Bros

      The intro made no sense

    63. Sean Ocansey

      No nut November vs Maturation March

    64. Elijah Moskowitz

      Change lola back

    65. Levi Fabian

      Dope intro pewds

    66. WatchitFreak

      8:13 funniest thing ever 😂

    67. Mazen Alfhed

      كل زق

    68. TheMarioGamer

      this is so painful to watch

    69. AZiz Tamzali

      why did u have make aunt cass on the tumbnail SIVE i just wanna watch meme review

    70. Scott Duggan

      Lola went trans

    71. TSHG-TheStrawHatGhost

      PewDiePie is trash

    72. just memetz

      4:32 *BIG HERO SEEX*

      1. Sum Guy

        That’s what it should have been called

    73. digetelz


      1. Sum Guy

    74. Earl Warren

      Pewds. Your keyboard is not worth the price

    75. Feras Hannawi

      Did he just f***ing say Lola is just a bunny ??? No men. No. This is war against alpha men, we’ll no longer be living in a male dominated world, they are feminizing everything, they will SJW everything, the will PC everything, they will remove every trace of masculinity or masculine energy for the media and everything. Because they believe that masculinity is toxic and wrong. So they will remove it from everything and silence us! They will take away the true male essence. The will take our FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

    76. Jared Fisher-Ramos

      When you look at your fingers and toes Wait its Among Us C0cks Gun Always has been

    77. Vivek 241

      i'm gonna watch it again lol

    78. Masterom2000x

      But, what about empowering the female community by being able to act/look like a sloot? Make up my mind lol.

    79. TuanLong

      A mangas meme

    80. Sy Fi9

      im gonna be honest here,its been a long time,i didn't subscribe your channel,omg..........

    81. Lit ur life

      Swedish cat boy angry at bunny

    82. Zaban Lab

      سلام من هر هفته با فیلم و انیمیشن آموزش زبان انگلیسی میزارم. اگر میخوای زبانت تقویت بشه سابسکرایب کن😊🌹

    83. Upkirat Sandhu


    84. samuel fernandes

      algum br

    85. RealDev3


    86. TheEpicness _

      even at pewdiepie's cap i see amongus

    87. Aashish Gautam

      Pew do all the pie.

    88. Night Stone Gaming

      He spelled it Among-guys

    89. Aaron Gonzales

      lol forbidden memories>>

      1. Aaron Gonzales

        lol fellowtomes>>

    90. Joan Torruella

      Smol changoose

    91. Zeeno

      Hollywood is trying to say that full-bodied women are weak? Pshhh....ok! xD All you real women out there are beautiful and strong. Hollywood is evil. Look at how they’re shaping the next generation.

    92. Rezky _San


    93. NuggetYT


    94. qt_aspaaa

      that’s crazy if every1 that saw this subs to me i can probably finally hit my goal of 1k on youtube but anyways have a good day

    95. Penonton

      new lola is to encourage people to be mental illness ~ >>Agree

    96. ImCreeper

      Dont click me

    97. synthwaviy


    98. PRO FF

      Y'all are dumb she is an aunt

    99. wraht kratos

      Lier ah te ngarti.