Cringe Compilations Needs to be STOPPED


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    1. George _023_123

      make a case for pc 😅😅😅

    2. Lu Valour

      Mans look like a discount Edward Norton @7:40


      He just said Dua Lipa instead of Tame Impalaxd

    4. davids kalnins

      11:34 she screenshoted

    5. AndyTandy

      Pause at 9:46 WTF!!! HOW???

    6. Drei Drei

      Jesus Loves all of you

    7. Eli Czajkowski


    8. Cy Colgin

      Did anybody else burst out laughing at the same time as felix😂

    9. The Pilot

      Twas my birthday and pewds uploaded a video!!!!! (thas all I got for my bday) lol

    10. Ian Ross

      3minute ad

    11. Michael Plays bass

      Nancy is THE voice actor dude. She’s the one who does like....half of the voices for the Simpsons

    12. Liam Leonard

      Jared Leto thought he was still playing the joker. What a tool.

    13. Tekuru

      8:20 thats all we need from papa pewdz

    14. K4 K

      Who's Nancy Kerrigan?!?! You prolly don't know who Tanya Harding is then 🤭

    15. Kristina Mika

      16:20 looks like Johnny depp behind him

    16. Ctrbandicoot YT

      Potente el cringe

    17. Jay-Jay chace

      10:48 bruh😤😐🔫

    18. dtwelve2086

      i think this may have cured my social anxiety...

    19. CollinsLeeMusic

      the news anchors made me want to skydive into a kiddie pool filled with needles.

    20. Big Man Theodore

      wtf was that face wendy made when she farted/burped, like she legit just went "well, fuck"

    21. CellFoneDJ

      That was definitely bart

    22. CellFoneDJ

      That dating one was sleezy

    23. Charlie Bear

      The city council guy’s face looks like the physical embodiment of a fart.

    24. Nicholas Hufnagel

      skip to 3:06 if you don't want to see ads

    25. Moises Salinas

      Why he take the girls side in the first clip lmao

    26. Reese Winkler

      Well I love Nancy Kerrigan now

    27. Chuck Earls

      I just bought a new phone case and the I saw this


      At around 10:00 AM on the morning of December 18th, 2018, in what was widely believed to be an act of government-sponsored ethnic cleansing, two armed militia men were seen parachuting from a military plane into the vicinity of Tomato Town. Upon landing the two quickly unholstered assault rifles and entered the local pizzeria where a massacre of unarmed civilians unfolded as they kept shouting, "Get Down! Get Down!". Improvised explosives were then detonated at the site of the crime to obscure the victim's identities. The local police chief spotted the assailants as they were exiting the diner and shot one in the back before he was quickly revived by his accomplice as they boarded a "technical" pickup truck and headed southbound. The two militiamen were outnumbered but gave chase before being cornered in the streets of the nearby district of Pleasant Park where a shootout occurred with the police. The two assailants were seen chugging jugs of alcohol before getting back into the pickup truck and heading towards Moist Mire where the police lost them, deliberately detouring around Loot Lake as a local source had tipped them off to the stationing of UN peacekeeping forces in the area. 10 bodies were later discovered in the rubble of the Pizzeria's board room. Not long after the assailants left the area, a purple cloud believed to be an experimental chemical agent developed by the government swept the area, resulting in death by suffocation, making the town uninhabitable and turning the survivors of the massacre into refugees. Military contractors hired by the government bulldozed what was left of Tomato Town including the ruins of the Pizzeria as well as the memorial site for the victims and redeveloped it into a religious site/tourist attraction for the dominant religion of the country known as "Tomato Temple". To this day the government denies the massacre and subsequent chemical weapons attack despite multiple Human Rights agencies releasing interviews with the survivors and even one of the assailants coming forward with a testimony of guilt uploaded to social media after a UN Geneva Convention Probe confirmed the use of banned chemical agents.

      1. Uriah Wesman

        you gotta work on your matterial

    29. PLAY BOY

      Im out of here man

    30. ObamaPrism

      lol got scamed

    31. Mister EntityYT

      He went on for ten minutes and it all was fake, what the heck man

    32. MJ

      Gets you tube premium....pewds does 2 min ad

    33. Prasanna Kaskhedikar

      Video starts at 3:00

    34. Ousstanding

      3 mins and a half of pewds advertising at the beginning. Can we get a skip ad button for your personal ads pewds? I mean even youtube has it.

    35. Dohyden2

      I cringed so hard at the pick up artist, and so did pewds. It's always so cringe when people try to break down how to pick up the desired gender. Honestly just be yourself, be polite and either something will happen or it won't. If nothing happens no harm, move on. You don't need external help to pick up someone specific, it should be natural.

    36. adventuregamingvital


    37. Aryan Keshri

      This was unique but no quite comfortable

    38. Aryan Keshri

      Your cover and my phone has an unmatched relationship, bruh **los**

    39. Annie Hanlin

      At 8:21 I was trying to brush my teeth while listening with headphones and I almost spit all over my counter top. Struck discomfort into my heart

      1. Isaiah Owens


    40. Dudeawesam

      The city council guy was hilarious... I refuse to believe he isn’t a comedian

      1. Uriah Wesman

        You'll prob enjoy my channel. Still going for the whole comedian thing. You can follow my career there.

    41. delegate zero

      this video in itself is cringe

    42. Sky Scourge

      I'm trying but the courtroom comedian keeps making me pause

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I'm not in a courtroom tho

    43. Darling Boy

      Ben Askren on a pewdiepie thumbnail.

    44. Giv T e a

      El cringe starts at 3:07

    45. Thomas Berube

      Si glad I wasn’t Canadian

      1. Uriah Wesman

        I'll just sit on my pile of healthcare. I'll be finr haa

    46. giggle pixel

      cool vid

    47. KPloveFELATIO

      i know it’s a weird request, but can you record a cod video since you use to play it?

    48. bacon

      Jeg er fra norge

    49. Wolffsrain

      I cringed at this video taking 3:27 minutes to start.

    50. Dr_Cory

      Haha, Karen’s are still a ongoing thing now ( *unfortunately for me most of the people that live in my area are all Karen’s* )☹️

    51. Ayy Lmao

      PewDiePie in mma confirmed?

    52. Dr_Cory

      *This video is indeed 100% Cringe..*

    53. Hannah

      *sad samsung noises*

    54. John Neshiem

      The s21 ultra is a way better phone than the iPhone 12 pro Max in many ways.they are so far ahead of the iPhone that the next iPhone won't even have all of the features that the s21 ultra has now

    55. sugomA

      I wasn't expecting to be attacked like this

    56. Tyler Nguyen

      If you guys want to the context for the 1st cringe comp is basically a comedian saying that if you get offended by his jokes then yah your not gonna like my stuff. Then after a while a femi came up to him saying "the lights are broken so plz leave" then I guess you can fill in the blank. Also you can find the guy on Joe Rogan if you look up comedian I guess

    57. Użyt. Google

      bruh, ur camera

    58. Dicky Prasetya

      Wendy WIlliams got me good.

    59. djIIaSh

      wheres it made? China?

    60. Bryan Vazquez

      Lmao the design for the phone case is so lazy

    61. Lapak DIY Official

      please help me extinguish the red guys, still very beginner

    62. _SaintYork _

      U said androids for them phone cases?

    63. iScream

      Have I been sensitized from all the cringe in this world that I didn’t find the videos here to be cringe?

    64. trevor Beale

      10:35 thats the actual bart simpson voice actor. Just for extra cringe that pewds didnt notice

    65. disturbed old master

      Imagine being so spoiled that you demand people to do what you want just to be a douche bag.

    66. RANDOM

      The Milwaukee bucks did the sanitizer thing im dissapointed at wisconsin

    67. Eagerchicken



      @11:19 OMG I live in Toledo, and I’ve never seen this 😬

    69. Galactic Wolf

      I was so eager to get a phone case but they dont have one for my phone, which is the A71 5G (they have the 4G) and i even check if the phone dimentions change and they do. So the a71 4G wont fit mine correctly

    70. noah dunham

      I really wish i wasnt broke cause i would buy the fuck out of that case

    71. Benji Price

      The dude doing stand up at city council is a legend lol

    72. Daryl B

      This channel proves that anyone at all can become a famous HUfaster , cause the content sucks ass

    73. VitanTitan

      8:10 This is the soul reason I dont go outside

    74. August Hance

      5th video straight with "Needs to be STOPPED"

    75. Nora Bindi

      Literally every phone. P20... But not P20 Pro 😭

    76. Cedrax-GR

      JAJSBAJSJJABA Soy el único latinoamericano 😍😎😳👌

    77. _好人不当兵,好铁不打钉。 -

      08:15 why she sound like she just smoked 5 packs of cigarettes

    78. Vaginbob

      Ahh yes pewdiepie millionaire needs us to pay him more money with a join button. I see

      1. Vaginbob

        @Alyssa G does it really?

      2. Alyssa G

        it goes to charity LOL

    79. رشيد يوسف

      Iam from syri

    80. Just Some Guy with a Drip

      This is so cringe

      1. Uriah Wesman

        imagine being in the video. I'm in the video

    81. Ellissa Picken

      i love the case so much and i drop my phone all the time and it’s never broke😂

    82. InsightExtra

      the video starts at 3:08 thank me later


      Wait! did u just say my bae's name DUA LIPA?? 1:41

    84. Noah Ramey

      No won buy ur gay phone cases

    85. Connor Morris

      Talking about phone cases for 3 min is cringe

      1. That0neGuy

        Got to make that cash some how

    86. Ariz Alam

      He is one of the person who can easily afford an iPhone but still doesn't buys it

      1. Aravind K.M

        It's cause iPhones are shit

    87. ZIZO 12 Million

      , How long advertisement is who much did they pay for you 🌚♨️

    88. Rodrigo Cisneros

      Hey pewds that is Ben Askren a former ufc fighter,had 2 really bad last losses,and jake paul called him out bc he said he sucked at boxing,so askren accepted and now its this huge fight

    89. Lord Memeston

      to me it looks like fake hit his lower back/mid back it was far from the dudes ass? or am i just slow?

    90. Its Thamir

      Pewds u can just become a sales promoter...

    91. Pratyush Mishra

      I hear people always say that "PewDiePie is a single person and T series is a corporation". If that was so , what was the reason that pewdiepie competed with T series , hm? Its not that I am a lover of T series or Hater of pewd , I just think this guy ( pewdiepie) is a fool who did controversy for gaining subscribers.

      1. jemelo descalsota

        And by the way that's how youtube works if you have controversies you can get a lot of attention and can even get more subs

      2. jemelo descalsota

        What do think? For so many years pewdiepie is the most suscribe youtuber it's not like somethings bad gonna happen if he lose but it's a win win situation for both of them they can get more subs because of this controversies and of course if you are a lone king who personally fight everyone and you suddenly lose to a big corporate and for so many years of hard work to get that position what would you feel. I'm sorry for my wrong Grammar peace ☮️

    92. Logan

      The basketball one made me have the most second hand embarrassment

    93. BloodHoundPL

      This pick-up guy actually deserves Oblivion dialogue theme on top of his demonstration :D

    94. DMTM

      Pewdiepie says it stop watching the video. 😂 Its not good. 😂

    95. Israel Fernandes


    96. JenniJessi

      sadly there a no cases for my phone....LG is pretty hard for finding custom cases ._.

    97. Tom Merritt

      naw. still super content with my dlab collab

    98. Firey Zindus

      *the more I read the title and realize, the more I cringe.*

    99. pey

      why is felix 5 times louder than the video audio, how am i supposed to hear what everyone is saying without blowing my ears out