How much does Pewdiepie Make


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    1. Ruiz Jacob Uson


    2. kossa gubben

      The mouse doesn't have any side buttons!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!! Why would any gamer buy it!!!!!!!!! 11111111!¡¡!¡¡¡!!¡¦°¶¦^¡¿}{

    3. Prasoon Dwivedi

      Loved how u jst ignored that " can pewdiepie overtake t series", it's like u have accepted the reality now😂😂, btw i love u, I m from india, a subscriber of your's but not T SERIES. Fuck T series.

    4. Selsabil Boudjit

      Did u just shave in between videos

    5. Moch Farchan

      170kg deadlift lets goooo

    6. deliriuM

      8:51 Skip Australia I see how it is 😂

    7. Polazoid

      philippine bros yahh

    8. Jinx The Kitty

      ~nya nya nya♥ ❤️ * *Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek.* * ~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️

    9. Epic Gamer Man

      0:26 50 dollar keyboard with a premium price- says every keyboard enthusiast


      I think your biggest marketist 😂😂🤣🤣just for fun

    11. BARN3S

      I still think Lazarbeam brought back minecraft

    12. HassXψ

      Dis man doesn’t get trending spots anymore😭

    13. Kingdom Of Moviez

      Wtf how did he suddenly grow a beard after 0:25 ?

    14. Eric95___

      Lmao why does he skip and not talk about tseries

    15. PewDiePieShorts

      Daamn Felix where ya up to?

    16. Anwesha Chowdhury

      I'm a 25 year old Indian Female. I feel like a minority all of a sudden lol

    17. Jar Jar


    18. Jar Jar

      Lol imagine if I got subs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. RaCe - PUBG Player

      Still wanna compete wid T Series pew???😁😁😂😂😂 Check their subscribers now❤️❤️

    20. Jar Jar

      The one time he has his keyboard is on screen he says it's off screen 😂

    21. Lebah 5 Minutes Late

      Hye I'm from malaysia

    22. Lucky Nabi

      POV:Felix uses a samsung not an iphone

    23. JustARandomHeartBroken

      Pewdiepie: Most trustful news Source: Trust me bro

    24. Drei Drei

      Jesus Loves all of you

    25. Aesthetic building studios

      Call me over proud but when i sae philippines i flipped

    26. Produck

      "pewdiepie quran" now follow me my brother, asyhadu....

    27. John Boltham

      I do irrigation for CIA and Government Facilities I make enough to feed my family of 6, any money that doesn't go to them, goes to birdwatching and Latin calligraphy. Proverbs 12:11 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.

    28. Punjabiitotay90

      Love how he completely disregarded t series questions 😂

    29. ileiad

      I remember when PewDiePie did a similar video and it caused a shitstorm among believers and non-believers. Good times.

    30. Sam

      I am proud to be an Indian Bro.

    31. ryzei jaucian

      Philippines namber wan!!💪🇵🇭

    32. please be you

      He pronounced Muslim..not Muzlim unlike other west ppl..why I'm so glad lolol

    33. Voice Vision

      what if tseries comments on this vid and says something........ he would feel guilty as he had made bitch lasagna

    34. 01 Caleb Josiah Adriano

      Ayyyyy im from the PHILIPPINES following pewds since 3 years

    35. KRLQ

      8:09 OR onlyfans questionmark

    36. Jetskibaby

      same thumbnail 6 years later, i love it

    37. FPS

      How many subs I can gain from this comment Currently : 45

    38. Handsome Kid

      Pewdiepie is less better than Felix... Is less better an actual word?


      pewdiepie no arrow keys :(

      1. Aditya Bhattacharya

        It's a 60 Percent keyboard

    40. Galvic Magallanes

      When the whole world subscribe pewdiepie what happens

    41. DarkRei96

      Why is Pewdiepie not in Disney's Player Select? Cause their editing actually suck for gaming videos

    42. Jane Alvarez

      Female gang

    43. Pugboy6000


    44. The Grinch

      9:51 do it. You won’t.

    45. Sayat K

      Mr. facka

    46. bloodshot

      I love how pewdiepie skip the question the question said:will pewdiepie beat t series again

    47. Blimi Barker

      I'm a female subscriber but I don't buy merch because a) I can't afford to and b)fuck consumerism.

    48. Cassey Castro



      are you still angry with t series

    50. Optix Gaming

      Pewds I still think you're the biggest youtuber in the world. F*** TSERIES.

    51. Russian Robin

      *"this is what it's aallllll about"*

    52. MrCoffeeCrisp


    53. brunoski19

      3:27 1 more level before go bed

    54. Reena Jiyong

      The preach was good though

    55. KadosUHC

      still with that crap face cam

    56. Nikki Marchant

      If pewdiepie pulls out that blue version I’m asking my mom for her credit card (maybe)

    57. Sasha Gordon

      Yk people like about their age

    58. Sasha Gordon

      Yk people like about their age

    59. 2MIX

      I luv how he skipped the t series queries...

    60. Shulolly

      Me knowing I’m part of 24% 🤜🏻

    61. Hafiz 24

      Felix:sweden ayy Also Felix: indonesia ayy Me lived in malaysia:😐

    62. bad boy gaming

      This video is more like qna video

    63. Yearies

      He said Philippines bros, I feel great today bois

    64. Safa MemerQueen

      I know you may not read it, but about the becoming muslim part. basically all you have to do is say the shahada and take a shower it is not that hard. I am not saying you have to become muslim, I just felt like explaining that. anyway, it is funny looking up your own name on Google, you always find the weirdest things about yourself and lol

    65. Gen gen

      “40 million? *come on* “

    66. scottie ellsworth


    67. Moctop

      So net-worth between $40m - $200m confirmed.

    68. Moctop

      wow 170kg deadlift? I wanna see that now.

    69. Camel Playz

      PewDiePie - Types Normally Also PewDiePie - *Changing the game*

    70. Ernestas Žukauskas

      Google: who is the richest youtuber? Mr beast has entered the chat

    71. Random Ass Things


    72. No One

      2:11 Nadia Comăneci românii mei😏

    73. Ayy6Dee

      pewds would gain around 16 mill if everyone watching who isn't subbed, subscribed pretty crazy if you ask me

    74. Oleg Dmitriev

      "If you say money doesn't make you happy then you obviously don't make enough"

    75. Daniel Verrelli

      his eyes look extra blue in this video

      1. Daniel Verrelli

        just thought id mention that

    76. Marios Roussos

      It was the camera quality at first, now its the camera framerate

    77. Cemi

      The way he says 'pew'

    78. Theodor Lucian Tanase

      You said about Nadia Comăneci she is a romanian gymnast

    79. Aniket Mane

      My comrades scream we're the communist

    80. Hex

      Why not Portugal tho🥺

    81. Marshall Mello

      Can you do infections in Minecraft hardcore

    82. GhostXP

      I wonder when’s the next annual Bottle Flip Championship 👀

    83. Baby Sonic GT

      9:23 im an introvert so this made me feel a lot better

    84. Adam McMullan

      That's the exact reason I'd love to be rich. I'd love to be able to have a lot of time to workout, learn new things/skills and be creative with things like videos or just building random things. Instead of waking up and worrying about needing to pay bills

      1. Adam McMullan

        Plus a lambo would lowkey be dope

    85. WaterMilk


    86. Sppeder Guy BB

      lol.. how can someone be this much self obsessed? I still can't wrap my head around about how or why someone would try to tarnish a whole nations name for their personal gains.. Self Obsessed and Selfish!

    87. Rasa Sagaitiene

      luv u

    88. Jasra Hassan


    89. Jamahl Shand

      im 16 but according to my google account im 21

    90. Razi

      Hey Pewdiepie, the blessed month of Ramadan has already begun and it is a really great time to be reading the Holy Quran...!

    91. Mansi Kapoor

      Indians love you pewdiepie

    92. MrSusYT

      Your Camera is like my Minecraft graphic(actually good)

    93. Rich Man


    94. Gouransh Singh

      Good triceps

    95. Animatrix

      Indian 19 yo Gang like here!!

    96. Jhonmark Baron

      subscribe to pwediepie

    97. FIREFinxs

      sh*t cocomelon pass pewdiepie

    98. Loyalty Pierce

      your vids are all cringe they suck this was a dare XD