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    1. Melanie Fox

      Start 1:38

    2. Tara taki

      read myth of sisyphus you will like it and it is really good

    3. Heidiological

      Late love for book review! Thank you for continuing with it on behalf of the five of us who did read the book (despite a late finish). Enjoying Schopenhauer too and the seeming contrast between some of their insights, plus Schopenhauer’s broader and more scientific perspective. Looking forward to that review as well, although I am also behind on that, so take your time!

    4. Dhucann

      Pika grande

    5. Human

      When’s the next one coming? I read the book and I’m just waiting

    6. Celestial Cressy

      more stoicism plssssss

    7. Farwa Cheema

      I actually highly appreciate these kinds of videos

    8. jordamn _

      bruh, surely a Bible review. maybe just go with Proverbs or something for starters though. it'd be interesting what you think

      1. Marxx

        @jordamn _ Frrr bro it all works so well together, he’d really enjoy it too 😌

      2. jordamn _

        @Marxx Maybe even a three part series: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and then Job. Duuuude. What a roller coaster those books are. Proverbs is like ‘hey being wise will make your life better’. Then Ecclesiastes goes ‘even if your wise, your life can suck because of multiply controllable and uncontrollable things’. And then Job is a narrative of those thoughts coming together and saying ‘be wise and trust that God has a plan’. Obviously they go deeper then that but that’s the basics, I guess. Such a good read. Making me wanna binge read😂

      3. Marxx

        The book of Ecclesiastes would be good for him too ngl

    9. Noor Aziz


    10. Rice noodles

      I love your videos regarding books. Love your philosophy videos, suits your personality much better than game videos. Edited to add I am yet to read it. Thanks for this suggestion to your followers.

    11. Arbi Gjylbegaj

      tbh this video started to seek boring and not everyithing in nti seemed true but I am watching it till the end cuz it is PewDiePie :)

    12. Arbi Gjylbegaj

      Whatching PewDiePie trying to review an atcual book is cute and funny at the same time.

    13. Kidnoob

      Gfuel too expensive pewds

    14. Seriously cloud watching Is a career

      I bought the book 📚

    15. Legume

      Não entendo nada, mas acho que é muito engraçado.

    16. Cecilia Andersson

      Bring back book club :(*

    17. Njaeng


    18. Zachary Harter

      But if you live to eliminate your desires, would eliminating your desires.. be a desire?

    19. Levi Andrea Ciccone

      lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

    20. Michael Mynott

      The book was amazing!

    21. Gaurav Kumar

      He is millioner so why he need more money I don't understand

      1. Patrick

        To sustain. When you have more income that means you have more expenses.

    22. Ingrid Petersen

      I would love it if he reviewed his own book

    23. Civitas Militaris

      You should do more videos like this pewds.

    24. Chris Cyrel Estil

      I am so excited for the Arthur Schopenhauer review 😁😁 I want to see your views on his Will-to-Life philosophy, Dr. Love of philosophy.😁

    25. tywnx

      hi uh is book review still a thing? asking for a friend 👉👈

    26. Salihah Begum

      I like seeing people taking conscious actions. Next step if we don't control certain things who does..... Here's a quote from the Qur'an: Surely we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return- verse2:156 And [Jesus] said, "Indeed, I am the servant of Allah. He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. Verse19:30 They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.” - Qur'an 8:30 One of my favourite ❤ Let not the Worldly life deceive you -Qur'an 35:5

    27. Bob Rosales

      sir PewDiePie, Kindly please review my book. "Raahzn, Life Love Fear". available on Amazon. your comment will help a lot. Thank you.

    28. Chris Cyrel Estil

      9:48 powerful quote.

    29. Chris Cyrel Estil

      Yey! We have a lot more to learn from the Stoics. ❤

    30. Michael Enzo Geronimo

      hoping for the book review of The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho🙏🙏🙏

    31. den håre gud Dolberg

      When is next book review?....

    32. Stas Khalyk

      We are waiting for Bible review

      1. Marxx

        Bro da bible is super long, if he did a review of the Bible it’ll probs be the Gospel, or like The Wisdom or Poetry Books y’know?

    33. Jorge A. Aguilar

      Pewdiepie book club

    34. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    35. R&om

      I just found out about book reviews and I'd like more please

    36. Eternalised

      Amazing. Thanks for spreading stoicism!

    37. Niku200

      More like EPICtitus am I right fellas?


      Chill it with the editing on these serious videos, editor-man.

    39. Tai Moya

      I love these

    40. paparoxo 360

      Please pewds, more videos like these.

    41. JADS

      Title: I read a book Pewdiepie: Gamers...

    42. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and quotes of/from this book. It was quite helpful for those searching for a different view of things, or at least a guide to what could be. And he's right - we should not give in to our desires, or it will take hold of us.

    43. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      There really is no point in showing anger towards something we can't control, but in the moment, it gets the best of us, so that's something we all should work on, and look at the bright side of things.

    44. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Ha, the "Friends" artwork! 🤣

    45. nitemar

      This is too heavily edited

    46. abhimanyu singh

      I struggle with distinguishing things that I can control and those that I don't. There are many things which we may be able to do/control if we direct our efforts towards it. Like how through science we have found a way to grow figs in winter (I think) - the example epictetus uses.

    47. turureta ventanera

      I get that this videos about books don’t get as much views as the others but please don’t stop making them, they are a treasure. As long as you enjoy doing them a lot of us will too, even if don’t read along.

    48. Sara H

      I would much rather listen to pewdiepie analyzing a book than listen to my literature teacher

    49. Something New

      Sir this is quality content please don’t stop 🥺

    50. Julia Petersson

      Lovely xxxx

    51. Brittany Shaw

      You would be an amazing professor / lecturer Felix, you are so well spoken

    52. maisyy

      PLEASE do more of these!

    53. jeyjeyp64

      Which epictetus book should I read first? And which read next? Help pls

      1. M J

        Sorry no links allowed. So the title is "how to be happy a tutorial "

      2. M J

        Marcus Aurelius and look it up as he's done a review. Take good care of yourself

    54. Thomas

      If you breath in air, you do not feel as if you own the air you inhaled. It's a subconsious experience. Then why do we for example "own" the thoughts that come into our brains? If I smell something and I dislike the scent, why would that be an opinion that defines me as a person? You cannot control the thoughts you receive/perceive, so do not allow your thoughts to make you you. Just experience life, do not own it.

    55. Ailton Rangel


    56. nanana2454

      It has been a while since watching Pewdiepie, he got older looking like his dad.

    57. Lukas Reimer


    58. 니들연구소

      형 나는 2년동안 미친듯이 노력했는데 구독자 10만도 못들었어.. 나도 골드버튼 받고싶어 ㅠ ㅠ

    59. Tracy Raven

      Fantastic book review's

    60. NerdyPigeon

      although i disagree with these beliefs i find them very interesting. thank you for introducing this to me.

    61. ImCreeper

      Dont click me

    62. josh caluag

      more more more

    63. GedasMVP

      Epictitis lul funny

    64. ICE Ricer

      To those who did not read the book, Vox Stoica has a full reading of it on his youtube channel, its a great listen!

    65. I love Pewdiepie

      Literally no nerds in Pewdiepie‘s viewers like so less views of such a nice book review

    66. Carter Nissen

      I loved this!!

    67. bagong kantungsemar

      Mark Zuckerberg is Made in Stark industries, you can see He.....maybe

    68. Василий Изенов

      Pewdiepie is incredibly based, Mishima fan, Epictetus enjoyer. Wish him to avoid bad literature and stick to good authors.

      1. Da Bætican

        Do u know any /lit/ shitscord servers?

    69. DapaChrons

      book reviews are some of my favourite videos of yours

    70. rockin it Sodillepa

      shut up

    71. imran haiqal

      Petition to have Pewds make a podcast for all his book reviews. I could listen to these everyday

      1. Tyler Peterson

        I second this

      2. Andy Han

        yes yes yes!

    72. Michal Bernášek

      "Anger isn't useful." *Doomguy has entered the chat.*

    73. Epic


    74. YaFriendlyNeighbourhoodSpidey

      I’m 14 and this is sooo deeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

    75. Axel Zambrano

      That Fantano reference

    76. 겜튜브

      I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!

    77. tesa so

      Thank you for recommending this One i really enjoyed it :)

    78. koala jzz

      please more book review

    79. Preston Jones

      I ask for a cig in winter

    80. Nick Reisner

      Love book reviews

    81. FilmTheString

      Loved it pewds, i guess you are talking about counsciousness when you are talking about will. However, if you are unsconcious how can you have a will. I took it from the book the power of now. Like all the grand másters of the world say, everything points to same

    82. M.F. Narcisa

      Every time pewds says Epictetus my brain auto corects it to : epic titis and yes, this is the dumb comment you weren't looking for.

    83. The Briancorp show


    84. Jason Tjahjono

      Pls do it the book review again in 2021👍

    85. Wrenlin Whitelight

      Atheism proudly respecting all religions. That's peace. Reading, educating ourselves of this life on Earth is the most valuable thing we can offer ourselves. I love when Pewds reads and shares it with us.

    86. Irving Ramirez

      Can you do Darth Bane ?

    87. Ribs Sleep

      okay, i read it. wat now

    88. strbree milk

      I love book review

    89. Vince Bautista

      Well for me since english is not my first language and im not good at english, I always wait for your review first so that atleast I have idea on what i'm reading (but also I search for the literal and deep meanings of the phrases so I can understand the book more)

    90. Solenya

      Finally a book review after all these years

    91. Honne Kivioja

      Felix could be a good philosophy teacher.

    92. Rylan Carter

      Love watching book review even if I don’t read the book

    93. nanasshi 07


    94. Jam Heinz

      Watching this while eating breakfast. What a nice way to start the morning.

    95. Gabe Cook


    96. englishrain

      I'm glad the book review is back. I just wish he would've reviewed more books than just one.

    97. TheCookieJar

      That was epic.

    98. DirtyJokers

      I havent watched one of pewds vids in a while but its like that one friend where even after a long time. Nothing changes... Is Sive still editing these?? Gotta shoutout that 8:42 moment when he expanded Pewds

    99. Alper


    100. Liszt Dylan

      The idea that anger is a useless emotion is an inherently flawed concept taht doesnt have any basis in reality. Many great works of art, historical feats and major human events were driven out of anger. Some of beethoven's most famous pieces were to convey deep seated feelings of anger within him. I reject the ideas of stoicism or at least they require a great deal of reform before they can be useful to the average human.

      1. Василий Изенов

        I think it's a flaw of translation. It must be hatred, hatred is truly useless. It's poison making us envious and weak. On the other had anger can lead a man to great deeds, really anger is a cold and very motivating emotion.