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    1. Nabeela Sherif


    2. adventuregamingvital


    3. Czelious

      You use "EN" if the word ends with "en" for example the spoon "skeden" is "en sked" and "ETT" for example the mobile case "Mobilskalet" is "ett mobilskal".

    4. Seemann

      Live lwiay let's gooo

    5. Kenneth James

      Salt "Crystel"

    6. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      It was quite long, but it finished quick. Very nice! 👌🏼

    7. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      How did I miss out on this? 😂

    8. Klein dominguez


    9. Itz Bllitz

      at the end of the video he said "did it work?" and the video that is next the thumbnail is just NOPE!

    10. Nathan R

      Drinking game: take a shot every time he says live lwiay it’s fine we’re all 19yr olds here.

    11. Nathan R

      *when minerals are found in rocks so salt is technically a rock

    12. Manobaru

      Pewds looks like that every Pixar poster character with that one eyebrow raised, when he's mirrored

    13. Myles Chatman

      Song at 10:14 is called: Stupid Lies - Luwaks

    14. Occboc

      Salt is a rock it’s called rock salt is is made almost entirely out of halite which is a mineral composed of salt, so no Halites the mineral and salt is a rock

    15. Allyssa Bearden

      but salt is a rock

    16. peachy corgi

      "Yes I killed her, but that doesn't prove that I'm innocent." I'm sorry, I have to do this: Just killed a woman, feeling good! At least one of your will know what I'm referencing

    17. peachy corgi

      Ok I'm late, but... Pewds said chat, we now know he is an official steamer.

    18. Billy tan BS


    19. Daniel Zhang

      sub to T series.

    20. Jack

      28:31 uhmmm... I didn't see anything...

    21. jørgen Helstrøm

      Sive must be stopped

    22. mrigank sutariya


    23. Betr

      The live chat doesn't even work!

    24. JA STUDIO

      i like this video.. but my video are some different.

    25. Oxqlion

      6:19 I love the way he said every

    26. Ryan Spring

      I love you, Pewdiepie, but you are terrible

    27. Admiral Avocado


    28. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    29. Skatercakes

      Ooo that bro fist esp button is so cool

    30. It's Lou

    31. carmine last name

      when felix realizes salt = on rock

    32. Andrey Lobanov

      "My anus had already made up its mind" There so many things wrong with that phrase

    33. Lion -O-Ryan

      Theres a thing called rock salt

    34. JordanJ

      Please play little nightmares 2 11:16

    35. UwU

      Why does it feel like I wasn't supposed to see this

    36. Plasmagone

      Ummmm I’m sorry to disappoint you but you got it wrong you said 22 pounds it’s actually 22.0462 pounds so uhhhh small brain

    37. Guillermo Alejandro Gamboa Fernandez


    38. Ferzan Flores

      L I V E L W I A Y

    39. walentino villiams

      the old lwiay into is goated and now its going to be fridays with pewdiepie

    40. Roblox Legend

      I yelled in triumph when pewds did the leg reveal

    41. Jack gaming

    42. Jimmis Atha

      Have you heard about No Escape (2020 movie)? Is that you????????????

    43. Yung cash register aka lil broomstick

      R.I.P this is the FINAL LWIAY U WILL BE MIST 😢

    44. Maraton-72 Saitov


    45. Becky Wood

      Please explain wsd keyboard vision meme.

    46. Madeline Harold

      you shouldve called it lwiave

    47. PAKISTANI 92

      First And Last Live "LWAIY" Until Pewdiepie Changes His Mind....

    48. srikanth v

      Live lwiay

    49. Som Pathak

      Ahh the old lwiay intro good ol days

    50. terence banasen

      Pewds: I dont want to take an IQ test to make you feel bad feeling bad for pewds hahahaha joke

    51. يوسف باي

      t seryas vs piwodepi Dubbin لغات العالم العربي ت سيريس ضد بيوديباي بعد أن انتهت

    52. lov0miim0vol

      live Lwaiy

    53. Kaitlin

      omg I could tell it was Maya by the sound of her bark

    54. Misty

      what's the song at 22:00

    55. sachin

      Love from india ❤️

    56. The Free Speech Zealot

      salt is absolutely a rock

      1. The Free Speech Zealot

        salt is absolutely a rock.

      2. The Free Speech Zealot

        is absolutely a rock salt

      3. The Free Speech Zealot

        absolutely a rock salt is

      4. The Free Speech Zealot

        a rock salt is absolutely

      5. The Free Speech Zealot

        rock salt is absolutely a

    57. Chy gutierrez

      No neck man is back! The cringe is really bad

    58. Isla and fisher Dogs

      How to describe T series stoopid dum cus Word 🤬👿 how do kids like it

    59. Dario AC09

      Es todo usteden pueden para los 200,000millones todo vamos vamos

    60. Rei Indan

      i was at work ):

    61. Akshay Devadiga

      *He misses his side kick sive, so much that @**17:20** He's Saying sive to edit something in a LIVE Lwaiy...*

    62. Yusuf karabulut

      Sus meting 😱

    63. noobrater80 saladasslover

      thank you pewd for live LWIAY wisdom, i usually slightly maybe by accident bully other ppl at my insecurities to make my self feel better, even though it hurts me while i do it, and the more i do the deeper i dig my self into this “persona” i have, so thank you 🙏 your words will help me.

    64. ScorpionP2C

      Editing is a thing... for a reason :P

    65. Valyona

      Salt is a rock. A rock is defined as an aggregate of different minerals. Salt has multiple minerals, therefore it is a rock 👀

    66. Exotic_Manticore

      Jesus Christ Marie, they're minerals!

    67. Rosario Grant

      The kindly plough chronologically ban because position locally attract throughout a lacking sound. foregoing, roasted sneeze

    68. Anthony Hernandez

      Salt is made out rock

    69. IdieHard

      Sheeeeee, been waiting for this shit for days

    70. brooke h

      reading the comment section it seems his demographic has gotten even younger

    71. Lukas Kilk

      hi pewDiePie

      1. brooke h

        hello i am pewdiepie on a different account

    72. samies

      Rock salt:am I a joke to you

    73. No


    74. Karan

      8:55 Rock salt exists master pewds google it!!!!(Ouh)

    75. tio uno

      Hay I'm frou de brasilian

    76. Gerald Hatcher


    77. OprahsKankles

      The used hood culturally greet because glove accordingly choke given a brave swedish. piquant, sophisticated smoke

    78. Marné not Marnie

      brofist in chat

    79. Azz Zzz

      absen dulu bang masa langsung live

    80. VeloOCE


    81. Ali Dh—过后了


    82. 私WEEBOO

      12:33 song pwease

    83. Dorottya Décsi

      Guys I figured it out he doesn’t want a Terraria series bc if you think about it if you shorten Terraria to “T” you will get “T series”.

    84. Entertainment by MCE

      SALT is a rock there are entire mountains of Salt the one my country has are the Khewra Mines

    85. HD Trailer

      Would you like to take a look at my channel🥺

    86. Jonas Rinkunas

      At the start, I thoughts he's going to say "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM"

    87. Rexy Music

      I enjoy this episode the most hahah !

    88. Dion Ronan

      PewDiePie: LIVE LWAIY Title: LWAIY LIVE

    89. This is Sri Lanka


    90. Miku666

      Redit: leg reveal at 110m Pewds: “leg reveal at 10m”

    91. Potato Salad 321

      Bro fist 🤣🤣🤣

    92. Potato Salad 321

      They are both one kg🤣

    93. Tobias Jonsson

      2nd meme is a skyrim meme!!!! Epic!!!!

    94. Patryk Moltu

      Watching pewds without turning your sound down is a big mistake.

    95. I love Pewdiepie

      ThankGod I was there to see this historical event

    96. Isabella Jensen

      For everyone wondering, the difference between ‘en’ and ‘ett’ is kinda the same as ‘a’ and ‘an’.. the difference is not in the word itself, but in the word that comes after

      1. Sun-hi Pineda

        En and ett is weird because it doesn't always apply Tbh. I'm doing Duolingo and sometimes depending on context it's different

    97. anthibz

      lwiay with behind the scenes

    98. Andrew Clark

      Feathers are heavier as you need to live with the weight of what you had to do to those poor chickens

    99. Rhiannon Morrison-Williams

      tf does LWIAY mean?

      1. brooke h

        “last week i asked you”he named it that because he use to give fans content and asked them to make things with it and lwiay was him reacting to it and giving more content now its just him looking at his subreddit

    100. Aenetoniae

      I think the ett and en situation is that words that end with a vowel have en and words that end with a konsonant have ett, but swedish is the language of countless exceptions so...