Minecraft Is Easy


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    1. Sami

      why did you even kill the cats while they are not even part of the raid lol

    2. Pog


    3. Pog


    4. Mehndiratta Sandeep

      you should change your beacon to a emrald beacon

    5. Aim rblx

      Minecraft is medium😡

    6. 간지러운발

      Korea is good

    7. Trish Cholidawati

      The ravager weaknes is bunnies

    8. Trish Cholidawati

      The ravager weaknes is bunnies

    9. familia star


    10. NickFixed

      Stop doing youtube!

    11. Burak Ozsahin

      Bı Türk yokmu beee

    12. Kritish Shah

      he did 3 raids and the last one was epic it was raining like a pewds anime

    13. TomatoZombie135

      17:02 technically if he kills you he kills bonky because its hardcore

    14. TomatoZombie135


    15. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital

    16. Froglet okay

      This is where DanTDM died

    17. Grizz

      He has a pody mouth and prestonplayz is a better minecraft player.

    18. jacké

      smn needs to make a mod where the totem of undying looks like dababy

    19. Hadi Kameel

      Please never stop this series ❤

    20. Theodor Marczak Nordén

      you should drain a ocean monument

    21. Priyansh 1092

      dude stop get some help your computer is dying

    22. blueisshdarkx

      minecraft is boring

    23. Fr3ON


    24. Fr3ON

      IRAQ 🇮🇶

    25. abdulrahman qurneh

      whats wrong with the fps

    26. Lahirus Hub

      what shared pack, resources pack you use

    27. Redfax201

      Why u never said "ZERO DEATH"

    28. AEG Anything Electric Geek

      is anyone gonna ask about the 20fps

    29. yaseen game 777

      Love you pudipay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Herobrine the most powerful


    31. kang sajjad


    32. Julian Pedraza Arica

      Puedes Aser un video hablando español

    33. Tenneny T

      Mods next

    34. The Isaksen Legend


    35. Linden Forrest

      use a bell to see where they are

    36. Pog

      3:47 GET OFF MY WALL

    37. girl funny

      playing Minecraft again

    38. Yanzars

      pewdiepie pls remove shaders is kinda laggy

    39. Aaden Blackwell

      You need jeb

    40. Sobriqu FF

      Where is pffft?

      1. yare yare daze

        Sad news, I'm sorry he's dead

    41. Furrbuddyplayz Bruh

      Pewds: ive died from my own traps before Me: ur on hardcore, WHAT

      1. Furrbuddyplayz Bruh

        also is that 4 full netherite beacons? i dont know if i can agree that thats legit. 1 takes multiple months lul.

    42. okato GAMER


    43. Yessin L

      6:39 What do you mean you have died of your OWN traps are ya tryna tell us you have died in hardcore?? 😱

    44. adam šefl

      do all advacment

    45. sosochka89


    46. 78Spyfi78

      1 русский комент

      1. yare yare daze


    47. Rohin Rajesh

      u are my favirote fricking youtuber alright brofist

    48. Rohin Rajesh

      u are the fricking best dude the systems u make sick!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Joline Freidenfelt blom


    50. Nightquest 11

      So this is what capitalism looks like (lol)

    51. microd33

      when you've watched his Minecraft intelligence surpass your own

    52. Babi

      Ok I will tell it it's pewdie2

    53. Babi

      I'm gonna tell it

    54. Babi

      I know your secret channell

    55. Babi

      I love u pewdiepie

    56. J - Dizzle

      You know you can get up to bad omen 5 right?

    57. Mary Einhorn

      So bad ass

    58. Mary Einhorn

      Best tuber ever

    59. Skirl Wick

      The frames omg

    60. Sahil Nawa

      DanTDM died in his hardcore world trying to build the raid farm by the evokers 😭

    61. Nitesh Pokar

      Looser ?? U lost to t series ...😂

      1. Waterhum

        That was a year ago forget about it

    62. Obi Wan Kenobi


    63. division deo

      His computer is lagging

    64. Tedpogue

      So I know how to do his sorter system but how does he turn it off with the lever? He said he had a way to turn it off so he does t lose his shulker box, anyone got an idea?

    65. 김민진

      당신은 한국인

      1. yare yare daze


    66. Anthony Guidotti

      Pewdiepies base is so metal I'm jelly

    67. Rangers TITAN

      Siapa yang dari indo

    68. khang BARRY.

      Me: Connecting Game

    69. Daniel A

      Y O U. N E E D. A. S V E N.

    70. Sixten Adamsson

      You are so careful yet so careless

    71. Max Steiger

      The shaders are prolly making your computer so laggy

    72. Veekshith Ganapuram

      Any wattles fans?

    73. Nicholas Dunzelman


      1. Nicholas Dunzelman

        does he even use a texture pack


      pewds: Good night everyone! me: it is actually night for me..

    75. Gjyste Ndoj


    76. Gjyste Ndoj


    77. pixy


    78. Kyle Matthew Reyes

      GOOD NIGHT GAMERS . . . He's literally playing 24 hours a day*

    79. Ashvir Hiralal

      Keep getting lost? Compass and put a lodestone in the ground under your front door or bed, name the compass "home", easy

    80. PewDiePie Fans

      🟢 Thanks all

    81. swopnil basnet

      ooooooooooooooooooooo very cool

    82. John Bongo

      He was on half a heart lmao

    83. oliv

      My dog olso watched the video

    84. ASIAN ARTS

      17:39 felix kills a cat so sad

    85. Sasa Bajic

      Try RL CRAFT

    86. SpawnyX4u

      Kobe stone generator

    87. Ameilyah Bdair

      Correct me if I’m wrong but it would lag less if he didn’t use shaders

    88. FoneyHunny

      Pillagers: go into Felix’s raid system Felix: does a raid legitimately and still goes in his systems

    89. FoneyHunny

      Omfg please stop jumping off cliffs

    90. ARCØS777

      Cade a legenda em portugues 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    91. Bəhlul Əliyev


    92. Lick Your Hands

      “I wanna expand the base as much as humanly possible” Pewdiepie 2021

    93. Tab Ah

      He should call his Automatic Sorting System = ASS



    95. Matthew Lara

      pewdiepie: my mission is to get all the cats and KILL THEM

      1. Matthew Lara


    96. Paavan Singh

      Isn’t this how Dan tdm died? Nvm

    97. Memelord007

      *dies two weeks later*

    98. Joshua Ashton

      U so be like every vid I’ve been doing some off camera mining him with 100000 blocks of netherite

    99. Dupree Henry

      I like how DanTDM died trying to do the same thing pewds did in this episode