My Minecraft Addiction Needs to be STOPPED


4,3 M megtekintés404

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    1. asperox

      10 fps ?

    2. Ethan Pahoa


      1. Louis


    3. The Yeeter Gang

      how sad would you be if you died

    4. Sam Makin

      You what if you tried the create mod

    5. Salwa Atirah

      this is so boring

    6. Kaylie Fairfield

      Pewds know how to do red stone but doesn’t know cats teleport...

    7. MrROUNDY

      ur pc sux the video is gooing for 15 fps abd im with 1080p60

    8. Ethan Ciarafoni

      I like how he chooses the 40 fps for the shaders, I do the same lmfao.

    9. The Matisss

      It's kinda weird to think that he was living in a mountain with a bee in his first series

    10. Tony Approves

      Pewds has been bumpin kanye, you can tell

    11. Cristine M.Fortune

      Iam so addict in your videos

    12. Cristine M.Fortune

      Its super awsome ahhh

    13. Raytmk

      Pewdiepie's house looks like a chinese temple bla

    14. Gaming time YT

      Wow 👏 👏

    15. Fisheye_Vlogs

      Felix nothing happened to you your automatic sorting system automatic thingamajigger I don't know what it's called infinite storage blah blah blah but I really it's really cool okay I mean I cannot use Redstone and I'm surprised you did all of this I don't know I don't know if you did this in Creative or survival why do stop that was really really really really really really really cool because I don't know I don't usually know how to do redstone but I'm going to probably learn how to make an A.S.S.

    16. Raquel Analise

      Some of y’all forgot that Pewds was gonna be an engineer. 🤚

    17. Raquel Analise

      Some of y’all forgot that Pewds was gonna be an engineer. 🤚

    18. CaptainCasp

      I know he's become pretty much invincible and everything but ehm, this is still a hardcore world, and I hope he had a million backups

    19. The North Stitch

      PewDiePie needs to get on the Valorant bandwagon. I don't know if his thing is FPS gaming, but I'd LOVE to watch him try it. Just imagine it for a sec...a collab with Riot for a red/black skin and a G-fuel buddy. Guys!?

    20. Ali Harrie

      Imagine if it was BLAST furnace🤯

    21. Ronald Mcdonald

      You can make a enderman farm from either roses

    22. Какой то из Фордов

      Why its so famous youtuber? Guy say it pls

    23. EnderWolf_0407

      I’ve been playing Minecraft for 9 and a half years and I did not know you could actually run at the cat and Tame it.

    24. EnderWolf_0407

      Water cat is in a way better place now

    25. GRAFFITIguru29

      Felix, your life will never be the same once you make an ender farm and have an infinite supply of pearls. Trust

    26. CDxM

      You should start enchanting books slowly and try find some different variations of sword picks and armour sets if you do this with diamond you can’t then active netheract armour

    27. Joyce

      it is actually really cool pewds

    28. Clarence Guardiano

      I hope Pfff meet Sven and jeorgen

    29. DesiCrafter

      "Love me bi*ch" greatest quotes of history by Felix

    30. Annah

      I think you can make an armor of the babies you always hold in ur hand lol that’d be cool if you’d try btw

    31. StarInvasion

      I'd love to see you play on a server in a community on Minecraft, like Hermitcraft or MindCrack. Would be a lot of work, but would be a great way to keep yourself motivated and inspired!

    32. VM丨AKAM 1


    33. Jayden Marcus Bayan

      The first thing you need to do:kill your cat

    34. TomatoZombie135

      this man has more farms than grian

    35. Coot Coot

      Hi pewdiepie

    36. Coot Coot

      Hi pewdiepie

    37. Aninda Sarkar

      That's what we know as mine science..

    38. Secret Diary of a Foodie

      I'd like to see Pewds make one of these automation systems (even if parts are sped up). I find them fascinating but have zero understanding of how to make one myself when shown what was made off camera.

    39. adventuregamingvital


    40. Robert Debrah

      He should build the moon from soul eater lol 🌙

    41. Raptor DSR

      Haven't seen a video of yours since water sheep jorgen and all.. DID HE MADE THIS ???

    42. yakup Omur

      İ love you so much die pie but i wanted to see you so much

    43. Frosty

      Where is bfpfft shrine ?

    44. ZomPigeon

      Modded play through next?

    45. A-zone15

      the cat disappeared! ya sure pewds.

    46. POL SAMA

      you change every last blocks of the iron farm to stairs

    47. RaphaSensei

      Karai '-'

    48. Dongletron

      *Felix playing chirp at the end of the video* me vibing for the 12,963,208 time.

    49. CupEffect

      the orange wool in the sand chest just called 'FUCK' -- amazing

    50. Evan Brock

      You know whats sad? A that started 2 years ago is now better than 70 percent of the Minecraft Community

    51. Romx Gaming


    52. Amelie

      he‘s literally industrialising a video game😂😭

    53. [ АММАЙН - GAMING ]

      Почему лагает

    54. Evaline Duerst

      Don't say bad words

    55. Casual Lectures

      6:39 You can pinpoint the exact moment where he realizes the sheer amount of time he's spent in Minecraft

    56. Radical Dave Gaming

      Cat juking for days

    57. xenrayz

      13771 days is close to 38 years. Pewdiepie is 31. Minecraft is 11 years. PewDiePie is a lier.

    58. Wolfie_Pro360

      the furnace automatic thing is soooooooo complicated to make how did u make it in survival i cant even make it in Creative mode

    59. 7N

      Replace this addiction with a monster Hunter addiction lol

    60. Kansas Pool

      Him still not knowing how to properly tame cats stresses me out

    61. MrDenisRo

      why is it so laggy

    62. David Gòmez

      Ojalá pewdiepie ponga Audio en Español

    63. Däyñdä Üçhïhá

      I miss Sven and Joergan

    64. bolemis

      Someone make a compilation of the times pewds almost died in this series.

    65. Natalia

      Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn booooi

    66. Hew4ik [PP]

      Чел, ты ГЕНИЙ!!! И ЭТО ПРАВДА!

    67. keval ram

      Jaminplays hihigmgngmg4gm46n6m6m64mgmg64m64m64mg6m6mg6m6m64m64m64g6g64g4gm4m46g6g64g64g6g6m6g6g6gmg6gm6gm6mg6mg6mg64gm66g646m64m66g6g64g64g6g6gm6mg6mg4g46m64g6g6mg4g4g4n6m6mg4m6mg4gm4g6m6m6mgm46gm64m646gm6mg64g6mg646m66g4mgm6gm64gm6m6m64mg46g64g64g6g6g6m66g6mg46m64g6g6gmm66gm4mg64g6m6m6mg6m6m6gmhmgmg6gmg6g4g4g4g4g6gm6mg6mg6m646g6mg4gmg4g6mg6mm646m6446

    68. AJ PURPLE

      it’s honestly really cool like you meme but this is so fucking dope and impressive. you made a fakin FACTORY MY DUDE?

    69. David Allen

      trust in god

    70. Vince Kevin Añana

      4:58 He'd make a good Scott Malkinson

    71. Charles Bosing

      Petition to pewdiepie to do "KINECT WITH WIFE"!


      Congo for 120 million

    73. PURPOSE

      You auto smelting melting super fast automatic smelting sorting smelter automatic smelter with furnaces and automatic smelter is COOL

    74. A D I E

      Can't wait for Felix to play modded minecraft someday.


      I love pewdiepie

    76. Killin Winnin


    77. Well_N0

      Pewds isnt a Nerd. Its much worse. Hes a Swed.

    78. Eman

      10 seconds into the video and he kills another animal💀

    79. Simple Lemon

      i fricking love this guy dude i enjoy felxies videos soooo much like :DDDD idk how to explain :D

    80. Asim Bakhshiyev


    81. vsma Gaming


    82. Paul

      he should play minecraft with mods

    83. NEKOZONE

      ngl im proud of him 💔

    84. kelsey raphael

      What happened to bfftt 😢

    85. Aden Fisher


    86. literally

      13,771 days: 37 years 😳

    87. Andrea Rivana

      What resource pack you use?

    88. Kris Clem

      Does anyone know what the chickens in minecarts were for in his original survival world were for?

    89. • [ Kyle_Tan ] •

      3:10 he forgot to say innator

    90. Clover

      I love when he explains the red stone of all his creations cause I’ve never been able to do it and it’s so interesting

    91. DaBandit_DoesStuff YT

      This guy is already living in the 22nd century in Minecraft

    92. Peter Abader

      Bro I put it on 60 FPS and it’s still 24 fps

    93. Aaron Langhorst

      Damn bro get a life

    94. Katie Jankoski

      would loooove to see him play modded minecraft

      1. Crince TV


    95. mimic T42

      PewDiePie is good at alot of games except Bomber Friends

      1. Crince TV