No Beard Filter Needs to Be STOPPED


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    1. Sophia Romo

      How many followers on Tiktok do you think you could get without posting anything? 😂

    2. Casper Garcia

      Shave It then. Prove the AI wrong. That’s what I thought.

    3. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    4. Siamese Dream

      Du har härmat matinbum

    5. adventuregamingvital


    6. Shahbaz ahmed

      Hi good nice

    7. Markus Jensen

      S super I intence M minecraft P player

    8. LostWarrior

      Big 🅿️🅿️

    9. RUOK

      Wtf how is the biggest HUfastr based.

    10. HyPeR

      And then you all say " kPoP IdOlS ArE GaY??? Have a look at you all without beard

    11. John Laurence Gabriel Rabina

      Someone should make animation of pewds sitting in chair with katana

    12. SigardProductions

      Guys it finally happened, Felix Kjelleberg is hosting Friday with Pewdiepie!

    13. 조윤호

      独島は韓国の地である日本の地ではない。DOKDO IS KOREA'S TERRITORY, NOT JAPAN'S

    14. Martin Kalalo

      6:21 why does he sound like that guy that played Amnesia all the time back in 2011

    15. Chance Hoffman

      Beardless Felix is just Ninja

    16. Bora Gaming

      Cuma günü müslümanlar için önemli bir gündür farz olan cuma namazı vardır ve İslamiyette kıyametin yani dünyanın sonu olacak gündür You look at the translation xd 3>

    17. RadioactiveYT

      the intro sounds like a old guy in a alleyway play saxophone

    18. Master Chief

      I wake up every morning like 0:00

    19. BRIGHT study T.

      I just do Twitter for seeing BTS notification .... Otherwise it is the worst 😓😵😵

    20. Rahul Bhakat

      7:47 visual pain

    21. Mille

      Give the likebutton a brofist

    22. whistleblower gay feminine man

      without facial ass beard is more beautiful cute pew

    23. Kaan Özgül

      He got yami’s sword 🤨

    24. ABOD -عبود

      My phone cuts off😂😂

    25. Emma Estores202

      your name is pew die pie couse you always "die"

    26. Damian Betlejewski

      Nice one

    27. Kid protector 2000

      intro killed me

    28. qwacc

      10:09 hit different 😔😔😔😔😔

    29. Tomide

      if anyone sees this, what song is at 12:44 been looking for it for ages

    30. Gaming tEa Repeat

      i dont got a pp im woman XD

    31. Alliyah dove

      Pewds 😂😁

    32. StormZapGD

      Today i got 11 pewdiepie vids in my home page and i have subscibed to 127 different youtubers

    33. Alejandro Barrios

      Very good video gives a lot of laugh

    34. Estrada603

      Ksi ? Its that ksr1's kid

    35. DoggoHitByFrisbee

      Woah my life flashbacked to when I was a teenager when I heard "Fridays with Pewdiepie".

    36. Shadypixel

      I hate T-series

    37. Michal Mam

      Keemstar pewds looks like a bigger douchebag lol

    38. lsmissyu chanel

      indonesia say hai


      We want lwiay back


      Im everywhere

    41. Ol Ry


    42. Bubbijs

      4:52 is that a bit connect reference

    43. Instinct Temper

      Me watching it a week later but still on Friday:😲

    44. okshabs

      How could he do Carson do like that. F for the legend

    45. 小楓

      The next Big Ed, oops lol

    46. Pinhead Army

      Felix's curl kept my attention the whole time, not sure what the video was about

    47. Aparna Thakur

      Hi pewdiepie can you do among us live with viewers plz 🥺🥺

    48. Leilanny Mendoza

      Bruh hey there are 7 billion people on planet earth and baby shark dance has 8 billion how the fuck did this happen

    49. MaddieKub

      my humor is so broken. i cannot believe i laughed at the first few seconds of this video

    50. Ol Ry

      I like cats

    51. Lord Grim

      *“We will Use Peaceful Violence”* **Confused Screaming Intensfies**

    52. Foxy- 101

      This intro is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. PTV Pokémon


    54. Sifat Al-Awal

      Funfact: all verified HUfastrs comment are here

    55. roent gen

      pewds forgots the nokia phone meme repeatedly 😭

    56. Thaddeo 1

      You should make your own crypto. I bet it would do good.

    57. Harshith Reddy

      Older look was good

    58. Seth

      Its because his quality on camera is terrible, if jack was here it would like a god but felix somehow is too godly that he breaks it

    59. KyRu

      what if we cancel twitter 109m people ez win

    60. The Mad Hatter

      “Speed running memes”

    61. Konrad Paczek

      Lord fardquad Felix is seem less

    62. Américo González

      the difference is pewdiepie: making a channel and in 10 years he take's 100 million followers charli: making a tiktok account and in 1 year surpassing pewdiepie with bots t-series: making a channel in india with sub-bots and indian music and take's 140 millions suscribers in the actually ¿why? ¿what? stop... anothing is real, everhiting is bots, except the pewds subs, this suscribers is really

    63. SavageHippie

      look a lot like Jim Breuer

    64. Kaiju Media

      love the lofi background music

    65. Scary Pumpkin634

      Felix you need to get some Katana training now that you have your own personal katana.

    66. Hannah Smith

      I'm finally a 19 year old

    67. josh4fun

      If we stop daylights savings time, can we keep the extra hour?

    68. meyoudodo

      my my fands who play what game never find you not the nuckes

    69. meyoudodo

      Path i have 2 builsd deeper deeper

    70. meyoudodo

      i will go to iron and when the last time he thins the jungle scary shit is the gig sire till they know waht they be doing in Pro play

    71. meyoudodo

      i bet you know a LoL fucking tourniment wharer you vote in and out you r team

    72. meyoudodo

      we would need to make a grudfge match we would need 10 peopel do you even play fucking fall guys any more or some dont die shit

    73. meyoudodo

      anyone play leage of ledgends LoL if pewdi pie like mind craft waht of if we had a female gude for him like a gay guy that dose not snap a baer that would be like yee like that we coul dplay some LoL

    74. patrick nikoghosyan

      That brought me back

    75. Nathaniel Braun

      Your Channel fell off sooooooooooooo Fucking hard

    76. Edgar Almcrantz


    77. BlueExotics

      I would love just a 24 hour PewDiePie Minecraft

    78. Quayle Man

      Fridays with pewds wouldn't work cause it would come out on tuesday

    79. Nick Dark

      Shatter the break

    80. Naoi08 [

      you copy matinbums thumnail



    82. MagnusScot

      Wait who was did he actually mean when he said the last person he collaborated with quit HUfast. He said Carson but which one? CallMeCarson?

    83. Dion Isaac Grande Ocol

      1:00 satisfying

    84. JJ Studios

      Imagine dying while liberating Ukraine and you close your eyes and just see Felix chop you with a katana

    85. Happy Lyfe


      1. Happy Lyfe

        Well ross isn't neccisarily from game grumps, he is mostly a self made man. I just first heard of him though the grumps.

    86. jidoroki


    87. Chơi Thử

      The nostalgia hits me like a truck

    88. Fabian Panuco

      You probably won’t read this but as a little kid others kids at my school told me you’re head opens up and you can see a little alien controlling you with an analog stick

    89. AGUILA Estre25

      I harm the like, now give me lasagna master

    90. Katie Nguyen


    91. ShadowByNine

      Thank god, I did not want to make a tiktok even for the memes.

    92. Tëma •

      Актив упал((

    93. Aryan bhai


    94. D3ViL

      yes pls

    95. Gabriel Medina


    96. AngelFeradex

      Me watching Pewds bicep every time he gets the katana out O.O ♥

    97. Charlotte Golden

      But it’s Tuesday. 😌💅

    98. Shubi

      The nostalgia of him actually saying Friday with PewDiePie ;'(

    99. _WEST_

      Chungus pewdipie