Pewdiepie Died (Felix Kjellberg Reacts)


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    1. Sanevissions 123

      What the fuck I’m 19 😂

    2. Bob Wiggle

      what happened to PewDiePie?

    3. 『Chocoヤンデレ』

      10:10 Maybe if you didn't do that pose, yes wait do I get a chocolate lamborghini now? Or a car.....

    4. Cat King10

      I glad every time you get a subscriber you get a new subscriber

    5. Fw Fry


    6. Antonius

      10.40 laugh is so good

    7. • PH03NIX •

      Top "comment wins a lamborgini" Wins a lamborgini. Wheres my huracan you bastard

    8. SMToon Brasil

      who else sang in their heads " friday with peeeewdpaaaaaaa "pewdieTambo

    9. Mr. Rat

      Pewdiepie stands for pp

    10. Mr. Popo

      Burrito Glasses is the man I admire.

    11. Bautista Emil

      pewds: call the jujitsu sorcerers

    12. Sera Houston

      Quoth the raven

    13. gluttony -

      i saw the intro and i was like “wait what?!” i got excited but realized it was a tuesday

    14. ferrite fractal

      top comment

    15. I hate Cocomelon

      Gloria borger was murdered by mary ham Pewdiepie was murdered by felix kjellberg Is mary ham in cahoots with felix kjellberg?.... well never know

    16. Heaven Cabrejos

      The fact that he put Xena and Hercules in a Nord VPN ad made my freakin day.

    17. Evan Colwell

      gg 2014 gang

    18. Jackson Tito

      Felix is the new model of pewds

    19. Goofy Goober

      12:00 i dont get this someone plz explain

    20. Mgda _

      Minx lmao

    21. Master Dobby

      I'll take a lamborgini and a mflurry

    22. Ben Geva

      it looked better like this

    23. Érika Joyal

      2:50 I put a 10/10 on that burp

    24. Ajaxx

      I got two pps they call me double barrel dom

    25. N Alom

      The fact that he called her Windy about her farting had me cracking up and i dont even think he noticed or did it intentionally lol x

    26. Jordan Wong

      I’m finally a true 19 yr old

    27. Melissa Moon

      I love your videos

    28. Lazyduck

      Soo where is my Lamborghini

    29. sad goblin

      Should I save up for a Volvo?

    30. ່

      Sony india has over 100mil subs but the views on thier vids dont even reach 1k

    31. Lucas Gustafsson

      Du är bäst

    32. Suld Bold


    33. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    34. Occboc

      Guys the reason he stopped with subscribe to pewds with t series and stuff is mainly because the shooter in New Zealand who shot up the Mosque, because before he done it he posted subscribe to pewdiepie then proceeded to shoot dead 51 people and left 49 Wounded

    35. Terminator Smoked


    36. Kirai-kun

      can someone reply to this comment how much he pulled out his sword

    37. adventuregamingvital


    38. Adityaraj Patil

      F in the chat for pewdiepie.

    39. GAMER XD XD 2.0

      hi i indian and u lose from t series

      1. Artify

        Shut up!

    40. Pingu Noot

      Where bald Felix vs FitMC?

    41. Patrick Walters

      If Felix Keljellyburger was about to die and he offered me his sword to slice down an enemy I would be stronger than goku

    42. Portuguese Todoroki

      Felix repeating 'apologize' made my heart rate increase *cries in seesaw*

    43. DigitFilmsProductions

      10:22 nah that's china

    44. EmmaCat

      Why is Felix with a weapon of any kind terrifying

    45. clark Solarte

      Funniest rickroll ever hahaha

    46. Shadow

      I’m not really sure but he might have an automatic sorting system

    47. Kuroneko Chan

      Felix got rickrolled by Dr Phil Funniest shit I've ever seen

    48. starstrukk723

      *It's the same room?* 😱

    49. AussieMate

      0:54 Gosh

    50. Soufiane El Moumni سفيان المومني

      2018: PewDiePie VS. T-Series 2020: Despacito VS. Baby Shark

    51. caldurrr

      Pewds: “we are useless” Me: _laughs in American_

    52. astral project projections

      What my gf says to her bf: 15:21

    53. Chaotic Vision

      volvo gang

    54. Slipiest Adv_7000

      He finally managed to shave his beard

    55. Cunning Fox

      Pewds has his old laugh back WOT Skate 3 flashbacks

    56. potatopouf

      16:53 was my fav lol

    57. Frenz Scivola

      top comment (by definition)

    58. potatopouf

      im american but i dont have a car. i haven't ever had a car. and I'm 18 turning 19 cause I care about the earth too pewds! smh

    59. potatopouf

      kens shirt was fabulous

    60. USSTiger_CD

      I don't get the rick roll part of 11:58

    61. potatopouf

      pewds: is ramen noodle sweater on pug actually: is fluffy sweater so it looks like a sheep and not a dog cause that was the meme lol

    62. potatopouf

      does pewds know about the dr. phil controversy right now? cause it actually is awful what those kids had to go through

    63. BlueRogueGames

      4:23 I hear zoro theme

    64. Yui Hirasawa

      Mom can we have 𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒃𝒐𝒚 at home? "We already have 𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒃𝒐𝒚 at home". 𝑪𝒂𝒕𝒃𝒐𝒚 at home: 10:10

    65. Diavolo

      Felix: "Call the Jujutsu Sorcerers" Me: *Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well*

    66. Strollas


    67. Srividhya1 Raman

      Pewdiepie posing as a cat was soo cute. And watching it at different speeds was cuteness overload

    68. Mr Pikachu


    69. SpiRit Nova

      i++ for how many times he pulled out his sword

    70. Spring-ayyy

      The most GENIUS rick roll I ever seen xD 0:35

    71. mundo da dorinha

      Vai para o inferno copiador de Felipe Neto

    72. Sunny Vawego

      Me who just totaled there car 2 days ago:

    73. Epic IceCream

      I may be American but I’m still part Swedish

    74. Help ME Reach 23k With 0 Videos


      1. Help ME Reach 23k With 0 Videos

        @Ransompieim so sorry for your lost rough times man but theres a purpose after this so keep fighting build a relationship with God and always know he always with you ur wife would want to see u happy not sad stay strong bro🦋🦋

      2. Ransompie

        My wife died in a car accident

    75. zZeusS3

      You always look young omg

    76. Sapphire Gaming

      the dr phil rickroll tho

    77. :D

      How DARE you stand where he stood......

    78. Giselle Flores

      Go to god and Jesus amen

    79. fem fem

      guess ill win a lambo :/

    80. slizy ak

      Pewds I just want you to know I'm never gonna give you up

    81. Adithya Dev vm

      8:46 he was like a father to me

    82. Yaaah Thats Hot

      you died the day after my birthday

    83. NaYem Hasan

      I am a child of a middle class family in Bangladesh. If I could meet a good person like you, I could fulfill my hobby of buying gaming PC😢❤

    84. Hui Ying

      Wait what ? Again ?

    85. GAMER BRO

      Every day is Friday

    86. Happy Guy


    87. Andy Candy

      Do not cosplay as a superhero, you didn't take over Felix Kjeilberg's enterprise because you care about us. You actually killed him because you hated him, and took over the enterprise because you like money and fame. You also didn't want anyone to notice.

    88. Ashish singh

      Meanwhile.. Daniel Labelle crying in a corner.

    89. Hughbert

      9:32 pause it lol. watch out he will slice u

    90. Namistrious

      You should find the straight path before your death date. 😓

    91. Ashlee Ambrosino-white

      Y'all let me get he top comment. LEMME GET THAT LAMBO

    92. EndlessP0ssibilities1021 Lol

      I love how pewds didn’t realize at 14:41 it was a mini Rick roll “I considered GIVING UP” “but NEVER again” 😏

    93. grace vania

      10:16 ichi ni san nyah. ....

    94. I KNOW DA WAE

      Poor felix

    95. Фізичне виховання UA

      I go in for sports huh?!

    96. Broccoli Icecream

      How is this gaming!?

    97. Jan Klaasma

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha that Rick Roll was fucking genius

    98. Natalia Krajka

      Felix: stop having accidents! Pewdiepie: *dies in an accident"