Planet Fitness Gym Are Hypocrites


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    1. strongocho

      12:47 I died when you pulled out that water jug XD

    2. Phoenixpro 73

      all of this shit is why I lift at home

    3. Veinor13

      12:34 women privilege

    4. Ragin BallisticKrow

      I almost got kicked out of my local planet fitness for lifting 185 around their new people.

    5. Sam Parker

      Don’t judge, but publicly humiliate :)

    6. DysfunctionalBubble

      Why have a dead lift bar if you can't drop it. For safety sake, dropping is sometimes necessary.


      Planet Fitness are for fat outta shape people lol Don't have any weights over 25 lbs lol

    8. Dagger

      I was going to say something mean, but I won’t have a great day pewds

    9. Tristin Sperry

      4:15 dont do THIS. if anyone did this during my lift they getting put to the ground quick. Then imma take the weights off the bar and beat the living shit out of em with it. 40lbs of correction swinging across the face will teach a lesson not soon forgotten

    10. Xavy Rivera


    11. 月光月光

      Sooo... they are against body shaming but they shame 'lunks' for being fit? I mean, slamming weights is one things, but An excercise tanktop? What are you supposed to excercise in? A Button down and skinny jeans?

    12. Something Or other

      Seems like they don't like the big cups so they can sell their water.

    13. moomie

      You know what I hate way more than gym grunting? Whenever I go boxing there's always those people who always hiss after every punch. Most annoying shit because with weight lifting it can actually help you exert more force, but hissing does fucking NOTHING for your strength or form.

    14. Tom P

      imagine telling some1 whos deadlifting 2x their bodyweight and more to make no sound

    15. longulongus D

      Ego lifting is a word made up by weak people who cant lift a certain weight and get angry at others for doing so

      1. longulongus D

        @Jason zhen if you can lift it you can lift it that simple. Best way to build muscle is 3-5 reps on a heavy weight

      2. Jason zhen

        No ego lifting is when you lift too much in order to impress that they can't handle, I have a friend who ego lifts and his body is all kinds of fucked up when he went to see a chiropractor

    16. Captain Hands

      Know why I like planet fitness? Because the tubby people who have memberships never use them so if you like working out in absolute silence and don't feel like buying a home gym, go to planet fitness.

    17. Tommy Juliansyah

      Planet Fitness taking the "mental gymnastic" to the whole definition

    18. Sam Sandage

      I’m sorry why didn’t someone pull the lunk alarm when the Karen was literally trying to kill that guy, that seems like she was louder than any weight lifter

    19. Lucy Rivera

      they literally have pictures with explanations on how to use each machine come onnnnn T.T

    20. David Aeon

      U know pewdiepie have good genetics. He doesn't even know how to use the some of the machine, yet he rocks 6pack abs

    21. Fallen Ship

      14:33 Wow James Bond at the gym 0:

    22. jater 10

      3:00 He actually lowered the deadlift properly. The gym is a place of noises and weights. Mind your own business and get the work done. If you want quiet go to a library.

    23. Darwinesh Silvarathnam

      Anotha one please😭😭

    24. Hey Im Watchin You

      Apparently some just want deadlifters to break their backs to put the weight down silently

    25. Justin Abata

      It's like the olive garden gym.. when you're here you're family. Planet fitness feels like home. Home Home Home I feel like their professionalism is perfect.

    26. Justin Abata

      I love planet fitness. The staff are always friendly and smart. The atmosphere makes me feel like my family is becoming healthier and bigger.

    27. jo jo

      this is four days after my birthday

    28. Hannah _bugg__

      I love watching these cause I work at planet and it’s ALWAYS us😂

    29. Ara Ferg

      The alarm was more annoying than the grunts frl

    30. maac angulo

      There is one of those here in Panamá, that Alarm never gets on

    31. ventusluca

      I just read the Planet Fitness contract lol. Section 4d is that you give up your right to sue if you're injured in the gym. But somewhere later in that same document it states that glass bottles or other containers aren't allowed in the gym. Which is fucking retarded tbh, imagine wanting to stay hydrated in the gym.

    32. laddybug3

      I wouldn’t belong there. The alarm will go off because I powerlifting.

    33. Kidnoob

      The get out guy i was in the gym that day

    34. EllieOinks

      Damn that woman is calling the cops because of a man having a large bottle of water Lmaoo

    35. Counselor Gallius Rax

      Felix you are the best! This video made my day, because it’s so true! XD


      Skini af gang where are you?

    37. AcidifyIt

      That's my school bell sounds like a cluster strike

    38. Morgan Boxsell

      Typical americans

    39. Awesomeflipper Gamer

      So wait u don't have to sign anything if u sign up in person for planet fitness? Because if u can those forms legally have to have the rules so if nothing says it it's not a rule. Also that's a petty rule that shouldn't be allowed lol.

    40. Taylor Mears

      Man, I don't miss working there 😂

    41. Liam Dare

      Me: criticise’s people for going to the gym and not properly working out Also me: why tf am I criticising him I don’t even go to the gym Me once more: I’m using the fact that we gotta lockdown in my town to not go to the gym

    42. chicagofan76

      So basically I’m bring my knife for when I deadlift

    43. none none

      i go to a planet fitness gym, its cheap and all but its filled with newbie amateurs that don't know what they are doing. but they have great machines and if the person knows how to use them properly for maximum benefit, it has everything you need to stay fit. P.S never heard them use the lunk alarm at my branch ever, idk about other places or if I'm just lucky enough but never saw it in use.

    44. Austin Bosma

      I’m not loud in the gym but idk why people care if you are! Most people have headphones. Also it’s a gym not a library! If there’s someone making grunts/sounds, I’m more trying not to laugh than getting mad at them.

    45. Fish with Limbs

      Now i understand why sam refuse to accept the shield

    46. cat12carmen

      Well I won't be going to Planet Fitness rofl

    47. Liz Marie

      I’m surprised he didn’t find out about pizza Monday’s and donut tuesdays or whatever it is

    48. shunYT

      whenever I go to the gym just down the street from my house, most of us have no problem of people making noises while exercising. saw this and wtf is their problem with it?

    49. Ítalo Santos de Almeida

      It's not wrong for planet fitness to exist, but it's not right either

    50. fauxshowyo

      PF is literally the gym microcosm of our modern woke sjw culture. Nuke it from orbit.

    51. Vaishnavi Priya

      Hey where did you get the water bottle tho?

    52. I have A problem

      Son: Hey dad guess where I wanna work and train at when I’m older? Dad: Where? Son: Planet fitness! Dad: I always knew your weren’t my son...

    53. Levi Andrea Ciccone

      lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

    54. Sammy Ancor

      At least the random attack lady got here workout. she did her lifting with a monitor she did leg work chasing an employee and she did a full body workout when she got up

    55. Kimberley Alcorta

      This is why I work out at home

      1. lucio guel

        I workout at the park

    56. Bonzoo Pippenpadlopsicopolis The Third

      It concerns me that people film other people without their consent in situations like this. It’s funny, weird, and entertaining.... but it’s also an invasion of privacy. It kinda scares me, who knows when others will just randomly film you?

    57. whatoc

      So people not wearing their headphones at the gym anymore?

    58. H I B I K I

      A gym its a big warehouse full of heavy iron that is hard to lift its spected to be a little loud if it fall i dont know how its triggering those idiots, well maybe if you are using dumbells and when you finish the rep you throw it 2 meters away screaming obviously its gonna be anoying but damn

    59. Riko Ryzon

      My planet fitness doesn’t follow the rule of the lunk alarm, I’m pretty sure they turned it off cause everyone there doesn’t grunt excessively

    60. le uno

      like i get the whole concept of a no judgement gym cus i know people who really hate the gyms available to them because they’ve got that whole hyper fit buff bro exclusionary culture but like... how did they do it so wrong?

    61. b b

      The water thing is insane

    62. Amber Bock

      I mean I go to planet fitness it’s not that bad....

    63. Badonka Donk

      Good thing our gyms are still segregated I don’t a Karen eating my brains out while I’m working out

    64. Always Sorry

      I just got a planet fitness membership 2 weeks ago. Have been to the gym 11 of those days in my area Baltimore county mind you.. @ Seperate gyms, everything was nice and orderly so idk. This is cruicial to me better my life.

    65. Requiem


    66. AV_Kay

      4:30 lmao man has some real issues

    67. timothy abbott

      So the people judging the lunks are there in turn also lunks? so then they have to kick themselves out of the gym too? Very confusing

    68. Emily Sanders

      I wanna work out at a gym but I'm too scared I'll be filmed and mocked online for even trying to get fit so I just have to do it at home :/

      1. lucio guel

        dam not even me and i think im unconfident i had a women tell me the same thing as u she used to go but felt like she was being judged i told her so what lol people are always going to judge

    69. matt1982

      I thought it would be like people scream like insane people but no it's just the staff being stupid

    70. The Hypest

      7:36 that's for you Brad

    71. Parker McCarthy

      I just signed up for a planet fitness and I didn't see any lunk alarms maybe I missed it, it's not an america thing, or they removed them I hope it's the last one

    72. Fraenky

      Its not a gym. Its PLANET FITNESS.

    73. Louis Rein

      I would rather go jogging in a thunder storm and get struck by a bolt of lightening then to train at planet fitness ! What a disgraceful place !

    74. thesharksfin 10

      The lunk alarm makes me angry

    75. BionicleFuzzyMelon

      Yikes, that lady about the water bottle was on major "Karen overload syndrome"...

    76. Jeffrey Daniels

      Gym Karen's!

    77. Evs Collins

      I don’t know where this plant fitness is. I’ve been going to our local fitness for 3 years. It’s not my first gym. I love it. It is nothing like any of this. I think each planet fitness is privately owned.

    78. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    79. Don Horatio

      Hes lucky he didnt permanently injure dude doing deadlift. Thats roids and small pp for ya.

    80. Preetom Bhattacherjea

      I wonder if he knows Planet Fitness has a pizza day, and it's not a joke

    81. Preetom Bhattacherjea

      6:03 they're talking about people in the US that drink plastic water gallon bottles, same as what milk comes in. You're not a true gym bro unless you have a plastic water gallon.

    82. Animechanxoxo

      Why do some people go to the gym in there normal clothes like some people in this video?!

    83. The Garden Podcast

      as a person who goes to planet fitness, that alarm has never gone off when i was there

      1. Brandon Dove

        That’s because it’s rarely used. The employees usually approach the violator multiple times before having to sound the alarm. That usually means your about to get kicked out now.

    84. Kindsey

      People who can't handle weights being dropped or grunting at the gym just shouldn't go to the gym.

    85. kik0le

      The water bottle rule is really stupid, especially because not every gym equipment has a cup holder. With that said, she was calling the cops because of his insistent nagging to provide physical proof to the point of it becoming harassment. Plus, private businesses can deny you access for simply recording indoors. At least we got a funny video from the whole situation.

    86. Elie

      7:40 best workout for your gf😉

    87. ACE

      4:51 lmao that’s complete bullshit

    88. Hertanto Purnama

      Woke gym, I guess there is such a thing.

    89. Rachel Dewinata

      Is that a gym or a library? Seriously asking. If you want 'quiet' then go exercising in the library.

    90. Chirag

      Why do all the people in America Call cops for literally everything

    91. fariq fatah

      2:55 stop dropping weight, ur intimitading other person! the way i see it shes the one who intimidate the guy. to lift weight people need to focus to avoid injury/incident

    92. EliteHitmarkers

      “Ricky walks into the gym being super hydrated, What a Lunk”

    93. jjww

      I feel bad for the people using the machine wrong. There gonna hurt themselves and stuff

    94. Project Reckoning

      When a gym is run by leftists you get planet fitness 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    95. Sunny

      It's all the same gym,...... it always has been.

    96. warrabbit123

      I workout at planet fitness. For $10 a month it has a lot of equipment I use. But there’s also landwhales who walk on the treadmills at 0.2 speed and don’t even break a sweat. On the other hand, an absolute shit ton of gorgeous women go there the same time I do at 6am, so, ya win some ya lose some.

    97. qifsha ropt

      1:20 is a legit movement tho

    98. nopegaming


    99. Cassandra Leanne

      i think they give out pizza on Fridays or something lol