Responding To My Minecraft Crimes...


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    1. DEVIL MAXX Gamer


    2. DEVIL MAXX Gamer


    3. Yuv Singhal

      We need a part 2 of this

    4. Kanana

      I switched from controller to keyboard and mouse and actually didn’t know you can shift click to instantly do that thank you Felix you have cured my loosing streak on sky wars ;-;

    5. Cristian Salas


    6. Sage isthenameprocrastinatingsthegame

      “ to lit a tnt” I love how he still messes up his grammar🥺

    7. Victor Pacheco

      Felix kjellberg! You're under arrest for multiple minecraft crimes!

    8. Flying Pasta-kat

      Yup we out here planting legs

    9. Xx Itz Cereal Gacha Xx

      aAacitvate it

    10. Raymond Dwipa

      Now Felix understands our pain when we watched him play for the first time

    11. EndVipers

      He's talking to himself.

    12. •-Emma-•


    13. Sparta Remixer

      7:52 you should name Ender-Melon Melonjesus is here: Melon?

    14. tech gamer

      "I did it with my diamond axe" R u kidding me

    15. adventuregamingvital


    16. l???? w#h#o#

      He is like acting like that isn't him

    17. MMEPlayz 3447

      pewdiepie u are lucky u know nothing about minecraft cause me i know most of the things and its just boring for me and u, u have things to explore and make

    18. MMEPlayz 3447

      like when pewdiepie was mining obsidian hes wearng the same t-shirt as the pewdiepie now

    19. MMEPlayz 3447

      hes wearing the same shirt as in the past vid, like

    20. Midnight

      You really SHOULD be able to feed apples to horses in Minecraft.

    21. Aaron Velasquez

      I was mining with my axe Can I call you your real name It's a pickaxe Felix!!!🤗🧐🙄 Sorry Felix I called my cat in minecraft Felix I didn't know😅until my brother told me a youtuber named roomie said your name in his video is he your friend???🧐

    22. Caleb Neighbors

      Me who became a Minecraft pro in 10 minutes after watching one mr.beast video: 🧐

    23. Krab

      8:07 WoW iTs A rEd bEd

    24. Bert Karlsson

      I love you pevdepow!

    25. alsharai alsharai


    26. Daniel Schlegel

      Subscribe for the "Subscribe to pewdiepie achievement"

    27. MM

      I remember watching this series from day one. What a good day to be a 9 year old.

    28. New Warehouse

      RIP pewdiepie

    29. Seth Thomas

      Please don’t use the lords name in vain

    30. raziel

      How to stop hiccups - pinch your nose while drinking water 😁

    31. IamK3nneth


    32. Hannah Elise

      They were just making fun of your pronunciation of compass but you didn’t do anything wrong in the clip. Also I think horses used to be tamed differently but now you can just sit on them or you can feed them some sugar beforehand to tame them faster

    33. Stew Art

      Actually the problem with joergen wasnt the nether it was because of the water put behind the nether

    34. FB Savage Wolf

      (7:02) PewDiePie - "I did it with my diamond axe" Me - "For f**k sake it's a pick axe"

    35. Pat Casey

      You should play subnautica

    36. Myles Chatman

      The question is....who is asking this fine 31 year old man about Minecraft tho...

    37. schradeya

      The Joergen rescue is still one of the best episodes of anything I've ever watched!

    38. gaming baik indo

      Hi pewdiepaw I,am is Indonesia aim is Indonesia

    39. JamesG 23


    40. the guy that steals your wifi

      The fact that he did nothing when he stepped on the pressure plate in the desert temple triggered me

    41. dimmer

      there was fricking t serious ad on it

    42. BlackRose

      Lol Pewds you get me on a spiritual level. This was so funny to watch.

    43. washik Islam

      1:24 what the F**k 😂😂🤣🤣

    44. Syahadaw Shodry

      Pewds : “You need a hoe” *chuckles* Me : *chuckles as well*

    45. Gaby Beceril

      Pewds please update poopdie please

    46. FireShuttle _


    47. Abdullah Salman Bakhtiyar

      7:00 sure. Axe

    48. Levi Ackerman

      3:18 “ the classic *hiccup* “

    49. Tom Gerry

      where is the pewdiepie discord server

    50. Master killerdaki

      You were the evil list of the evilest criminals in the universe

    51. Lucinda Ferguson

      Hey Felix, you just can't have a saddle in your hand when taking a horse.

    52. Rahn Axcil R. GARGAR

      its april 8 7:14 GMT+8 i just realize march 27th is the day that t series beat pewdiepie

    53. Chey but WHY?

      comp pass

    54. Captain Waa


    55. Duxrz

      “You need the ho” -Pewdiepie

    56. tobias Smith

      So when u playing Valheim

    57. AlexJustAlex YT

      Their should really be a tutorial thing like there was in xbox 360, whenever it was your first time holding an object, it will till you how to use it.

    58. The Lego Stop Motion Noob

      What happened to white joeurgen in your world?

    59. Ace Peter

      Pewds is a genius for feeding juergen while he was drowning not bad

    60. Amelka M

      Ahhh... memories

    61. emøtional arsønist

      when i hiccup out of control, holding your breath for a few seconds helps stop it

    62. Felix Zander

      "Don't fight irongolems unless you're a veteran like me" also Felix: "How do I make sticks"

    63. Zc Zipper


    64. ali vr

      i heard him say sh*t click

    65. Philip Vesterlund

      Is that a snus i see under your lip?!



    67. Demon zeal

      L. O. L

    68. Quack 69

      Dreams 5th hunter???

    69. PUMA

      Well he still dosent know that enderman attack if you look in the eyes

    70. 8Goods

      You should do a chapter two of the minecraft world

    71. mokari

      Kcokobdovo f on fjod08t20643ogfovdibfovfovroggf9🎅😍😉☺🏡⛺🎅🎉💝🎄🎁💝🌉🌅ℹℹ⏬⏩⏪⏩🈚

    72. Maria Pia Cozzolino

      Pewdiepie: * plays minecraft wrong * Felix: * *hic* *

    73. The Mystic

      I am sending a message from this video to a live stream that PewDiePie is doing right now since I can't use the live chat since I am not a team member lol.

    74. RhinoWolf 100



      Watching this makes u feel like want to watch minecraft seires from ep 1 again🥺🥺

    76. Jonatas Amaral de Sousa

      Man its so nostalgic see these mistakes, cause when I started playing, I did all of those, planting was such a difficult task

    77. Galvic Magallanes

      Pewdiepie hiccups haha

    78. A4 styryes

      Here's how many people love their family💖


      started watching this channel cuz of the minecraft series :)

    80. Tomasz Komajda

      Do u have fkn "snus"? WTFF

    81. Ashton

      "you can drown in minecraft?.... thats so unrealistic"

    82. BeanZ :P

      7:31 both Felix said "no" at the same time

    83. Any Pevy

      when i was young and started playing minecraft and i didnt know anything i just like dropped egg on the ground and thought it will hatch than i was soo sad that the eggs despawned xd

    84. Pavilon

      Pewds should re visit this world

    85. WhatDillion

      1:35 He swears at his self

    86. ZaneLeeER


    87. May Strange

      Felix 2021: "never bring your horse through the nether" also Felix 2021: "can You bring your horse through there?" (referring to the end gateway)

    88. Graydon Curboy

      Old Felix uses pickaxe to break gravel new Felix he is using a diamond axe

    89. Hi

      Wait. I thought notch already sold mojang.

    90. Daniel Mares

      Petition for mojang to make a pewdiepie related achievment

    91. kimble games

      Check wheelie King 4

    92. TurquoiseJessa

      I love that he just kept recording through having the hiccups 😂

    93. Edwina Dalas

      6:51 Hahahaha

    94. Farah Syed

      Pewdiepie now telling old pewdiepie

    95. Farah Syed

      0:45 when two pewdiepies laughs

    96. Very Good

      “ I thought red stone looked cool, such a bad design “ My redstone house I made when I was 9: It’s boom time