Sweden Invented Tanks


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    1. Chatrix

      Good morning

    2. Robert P

      It was really painful to watch

    3. Alexey Makkonen


    4. Carter Bohrer

      I challenge you to a Dual in the Strv 74

    5. Thavy Thorn

      also click C to reload on a auto loader

    6. Thavy Thorn

      he shot a british tank and he thought it was french

    7. Hardcore Jack

      Hey pewdiepie play world of tanks blitz its much more easier im playing world of tanks blitz for a long time bec I wanna play world of tanks so world of tanks blitz is like for noobies and if your good at world of tanks blitz then your ready to play world of tanks And your getting good at the game 👌

    8. Егор Дворянчиков

      Ура Я тут единственный русский

    9. Xfier246

      Sooo much pain pls don t do wot sponsors



    11. Levi Andrea Ciccone

      lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

    12. R Droid

      Hello i'am from Brazil!!!

    13. Cheeki Breeki

      War thunder better

    14. AnimaKon

      I will not download this game because last time it came for me as a virus

    15. The Gaming Lord

      Cocomelon will prevail

    16. edy wahyudi

      Ahahaha that skills but fun

    17. Stella Phipon

      a true gamering viking.

    18. Jackson

      PewDiePie is cool, but WoT is bad. No thanks.

    19. Danijela Dedic

      Jag är svensk I am Sweden

    20. Danciu Daniel

      That was British tank

    21. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      That was a great victory! Well done!

    22. Reaperthe One

      Noice maybe you should be the voice of wotb for sweden

    23. Official Legend Vale kingdom


    24. No-cap-albino Yt


    25. Chekhov

      Единственное видео пьюдипая, которое посмотрел мой отец

    26. Thoughtful Theo

      Even though this is an AD, I still love watching it. And I'm writing this comment so the sponsors know.

    27. Ingrid Ekdahl Sundin

      its so fun to watch this and understand everything he says in Swedish

    28. ПЕЧЕНЬКА 1

      Твой батя оценил танки

    29. PinkiePie

      Back Sweden

    30. Mando Fett

      plz keep making these, they're the funniest thing ever!

    31. Angelo Francesco D. Garcia

      Dont know why but dying in wot is a lot bearable than dying in warthunder

    32. Axel Berglund

      Du har bra svenska gör en video när du bara pratar svenska

    33. Filip Wasilewski

      Yes Yes I see myself watching it dying everytime BUT I see myself before

      1. Filip Wasilewski

        Also IDK how to edit coments but I play this gvame for week and I'm finalky gettin kills

    34. Miranda

      Sweden 🇸🇪

    35. Yasir Memon

      lmfao 6:00

    36. Kaktuskatze

      when you get an ad from world of tanks before you watch another 12 min from world of tanks

    37. Epic


    38. GRAFFITIguru29

      Is it just me or do the maps look a lot like BF1 maps? Which came out first?

    39. Bread Yeet

      The brige memories XD

    40. 겜튜브

      I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!

    41. Prince Harambe

      Trash and failed game

    42. Jarrett Voyzey

      Fuck arty players

    43. HoneySal

      I haven't watched a Pewdiepie video in a while and I come back to him eating his mic. it's good to be back

    44. Killer frog gaming

      You should try the meatball tank

    45. Gazi Paşa

      Sweden tanks are speaking russian i am just kidding pewds.

    46. чуть-чуть о нашем мире


    47. Le Speez

      1:37 you are in a French tank bought by the Swedish military...

    48. G͎P͎D͎K͎

      pewdiepie chilling with 200 fps mean while me getting 40-45 fps LOL

    49. _BASS BOOSTED_


    50. Lonedoresシ

      World of Tanks made in Russia and Belarus😉

    51. Cold_ Lasagna

      Your title is historical inaccurate

    52. englishrain

      Please bring back Edgar cam.

    53. Priora Brat

      У картохи все так плохо что ли что пьюдс рекламирует тунчесы?))

    54. 垃圾培根Trash bacon

      Sun Tzu said a lot of thing

    55. Kitty Pryde

      I'm just enjoying vids but then I think I hear FFXII and Skyrim music and I know it's not actually but it makes me perk up a little either way.

    56. V P

      5:56 *vietnam flashbacks intensife*

    57. D D

      wot console is the move.

    58. Ja Crispy


    59. Jitterbug

      as a 7 year veteran of this game, pewds is the type of seal i like to club on the daily XD

    60. Sam Ayoubi

      The quotes don’t even make sense lol

    61. Sam Ayoubi

      I’m gonna play this I haven’t been playing this game in a while and I speak tank language

    62. Meme_Man_

      1:35 lol its British

    63. natan

      War thunder gang rise!

    64. david capitan

      got a world of tanks add while watching a world of tanks add

    65. MTness Gaming

      The world of tanks and warthunder community be like:- " *FINALLY* "

    66. Crats0nTheGuy

      I expected some child saying "No FeLiX!!!! uK iNvEnTeD tAnKs!1!!1!1!1!"

      1. Lil Jaga

        "the british invented tank" 😂

      2. Lil Jaga

        I saw one, and he's under this comment 😂

    67. matthew fallon

      your apology is accepted

    68. Joyce

      the part he sees the bridge is so funny

    69. Lindsey Barnes

      Also me : trys to get shiney magikarp

    70. Viacheslav Kushnirenko

      охх и танкист

    71. Edge Kobee M. Guiritan

      Pewds:if you die you die Also Pewds:It doesn't count if you had plenty of health gamers

    72. Grandpa

      Pewdiepie: "I fear no man but that thing" *bridge* Pewdiepie: " it scares me"

    73. micro 11

      *friend dies* opps sorry

    74. jinx86

      Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst War thunders better

    75. D4YYS


    76. Mo vlogs gaming

      subscribe to mrbeast

    77. Snupps Synth channel

      Me and a friend is also researching the Swedish tank line, we are both currently at the Stridsvagn m/42.

    78. ᛃᛟᚱᛗᚢᛜᚨᚾᛞᚱ᛫ᛖᚨᛏᛊ᛫ᚺᛁᛗᛊᛖᛚᚠ

      Feels like Pewd's relationship with bridges is like his relationship with barrels a decade or so ago...

    79. CadetSparklez

      get back to war thunder

    80. Ovais Maq

      There is a Genocide happening in China please spread this message. The Chinese communist party are the modern day Nazi's. End the Genocide by spreading this message. Please share and save lives. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Sheperd Timekiller

        Why is there genocide happening? Idk whats going on over there

    81. Ivan Divić

      Wow Pewds,if you really play WoT JUST because you're paid to do so,it is really lame and distasteful from you.BTW i am a WoT player and i don't even like this game anymore,because nowadays it is bad and you're attracting new players into a trap.

    82. Федоров Роман


    83. Foxy- 101

      I did download W.O.T but it's way to demanding on storage space for phone. So I deleted it. If I get a computer one day I will get it again for pc. It's fun.

    84. Mina Litvinenko


      1. Out of Logic


    85. Elmer och Olle music

      sälla prata lite mer svenska

    86. Стрисак

      Просмотры упали.

    87. Pixwool

      I love that there’s a tank that’s called frankfurter

    88. Army Forever

      0:01 pewdiepie sus

    89. Sean Neiman

      0 seconds in, eating a mic. Always a classic

    90. Lewar Zebari

      06:31 that was a mosque, even pewds can be so dumb sometimes

    91. Eidorian Teresu

      Finallyyyyyyyyy some WOT contenttttt

    92. Sebastian Ekman

      Detta var en riktigt bra video. Jag gillar att du spelar detta spelet eftersom jag tycker det är kul. Jag har följt dig sen du hade 10.000 prenumeranter! Du är bäst!

    93. Eddie R

      world of tanks players found this hard to watch

    94. Navid Khosravi

      Your nice😁😁😁


      Imagine to be able to set up at anytime online betting on how many kills a twitcher is gonna make and viewers will participate on the click. That’s what bepro is all about. Maybe it grows more maybe it doesn’t but the project looks good.

    96. Emanuel Paragallo

      @fixed3match telegram

    97. Muffin Music

      The purpose of eazy tanks is to pipoint the enemies so they can shoot them from far away without being spotted

    98. akon

      ye british tanks are insane that gives 5 or 4 kills cool is in it

    99. Fresh Mobile

      5:54 The best scene