The World Strongest Family...


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    1. Una FX


    2. Una FX


    3. owen z

      im getting this roomies reditt

    4. Kelly Lauren

      the energy drink thing is like college kids decorating w alch bottles

    5. Everyday normal SUPER INTENSE Aphmau fan A.

      When I was 9 I drank coffee

    6. Oasis Sebo

      this 11 year kid sounds like he knows what he is talking about. its like my coffee in the morning.

    7. beerusT23

      So this is one punch man's real training routine

    8. Dorotea Cristine R. Duque

      the most strongest person in this world is "heneral luna"

    9. Ela Mangroliya

      Why the f he got 5 M views🤬🤬🤬. He should get 500 M views😎😎

    10. Snipergirl XD

      Them: were the strongest people or whatever Dwayne Johnson: excuse me!

    11. Fatboiyjoe 2144

      Felix be like “ after my coffee in the morning after I smack the teachers a$$

    12. Lucas Kerby

      16:18 Top right

    13. Shay

      I wonder how upset the kid feels when the teacher asks “Can I have a couple of strong boys?” And doesn’t get picked

    14. welsh God 123 /osian

      And after my coffee I’m making waffles

    15. Xx_kakyoin_xX

      Eww he likes kpop

    16. I’m Irrelevant

      One punch boy

    17. Bruh Man

      Strong family: We train our bodies up to 240h a week. What

    18. Rusty Rust

      @drop clan

    19. gauge thompson

      i love your vids

    20. suaaxe


    21. Cracker Vs The WRLD

      mr. incredible all over agin

    22. Bradley Stovall

      That guy lifting weights with his family sounds just like Dana white

    23. Mr AmongYT

      You Should see the coupon videos on tlc

    24. Liquor duck

      At 11 my friend carries a gun

    25. Kamil Jozwa

      Strongest family + best fish baiters

    26. Ante_Abaz 20291022

      im like 10 and i deadlift 70 my highest deadlift is 95 watching this video makes my progress feel like💩

    27. Jayvee Asis

      8:35 ok lets talk about this so u have a lot of friends that r super strong like wwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaa----

    28. Black Star

      Nick Best isn't getting kicked out, he just goes around beating gym leaders.

    29. GeniusWolf

      I think she meant 15 hundred, not 15 thousand calories.

    30. John Bolgar


    31. Colonel Jacobs

      11:23 Lmao Piglet

    32. KCH studios: Homemade Movies

      That kid looked exactly like river Phoenix

    33. Aiden Brien

      I'm surprised the kid who collected lures has not been bullied for being a nerd

    34. NinjaExploitz

      Ayo Pewds has legs? 1:17 Nice

    35. thechannelofasher

      I like the girl cause she stroooooong

    36. adventuregamingvital


    37. Sarah O'Neill

      That is the guy that does obsurb recurds from dude perfect

    38. Saper Dreeamnotfound

      The car doesnt drive them to school They drive the car to school

    39. Jeff

      Dogs just do something funny look at the mirror back 0:10

    40. Rilly Playz

      (Thumbnail of next video appears) Below thumbnail: Play Now Me: What am I playing?

    41. Mike Lefts

      You are the best

    42. MRshifty

      12:00 he is a master baiter

    43. Rakshit Sharma

      They are Stronk**

    44. Andrija Jukic

      i was able to double the weight that boy lifts when i was 10 i was a buffed kid

    45. Andrija Jukic

      we all know any russian family is stronger

    46. Casey Manuppella

      he gave hs hare for power

    47. Sohail Zaidi

      I don't know how to do even simple push ups

    48. Aydan Gerdts

      Pewdiepies ayyy at the start sounds like beetle juice

    49. Cooper Bragg

      I feel like Felix will have a child and name it either tambourine or floor gang

    50. Instinct Temper

      Is it weird me and Felix did the same thing. Me and my friend collected all the energy drinks but specifically Monster Energy, we thought we were awesome

    51. Sbinaladay

      Love the South Park reference!

    52. MEHU

      i have a line of different monster cans on my shelf. :)

    53. Benjamin Lafond

      My toys are hockey sticks

    54. Benjamin Lafond

      The dog ways as much as the 1000 pounds sisters

    55. neuspeed79

      white version of Saitama

    56. AniMatt

      This family: *eats 10 dozen eggs a week* Gaston: am I a joke to you?

    57. RossBoss

      This is probably the closest family i've seen for 18 years

    58. pepe productions

      10:59 he didn't get the opm reference

    59. Nahzea

      "K-Pop" *shows picture of Corpse Husband"

    60. Mrgamer KP

      I feel like that girl said her hooks were pink every time she went on the camera

    61. Cornstoned

      Petition for Felix to make a pink fishing lure merch drop.

    62. Simon

      my friends collect problems as a kid :D lol I collect anything that was weird that was at the local thrift stores

    63. Galaxy Star

      15,000 calories a day is that even possible of course it is but it is impossible from my small little belly

    64. Katherine _Queen

      Imagine moving into the neighborhood and seeing the family pull cars and monster truck tires together in the morning. Idk about you guys but I would be terrified

    65. Ollie Butler

      Sorry to break it to you but you can’t train 240 hours a week 1:35

    66. Master Obama 420

      The kid with the lures kinda reminds me of pewdiepie and he’s automatic system😅

    67. Casen Hyūga

      Are those legs?

    68. Gohan wood

      I like my coffee the way I like my muscles.

    69. Monster

      i like how he said most kids play with regular but my toys are tires me having toys thats are tired from me

    70. silly salmon

      10:25 I would argue my sister could beat up your dad.

    71. OωO

      every time the girl says "pink" Felix goes, "awWwwWwwW"

    72. C O'Connor

      Can we get some more 90 day fiance pleaseee !

    73. #Zaid Khan


    74. The Potato

      10% of kids in the whole world: "we barely have money for food so we need to help our parents" another 10%: "I'm gonna use my parents money to break some records" the other 80%: watches youtube, criticizing other kids while being totally useless.

    75. Jakeplaysroblox

      11:00 thats how Saitama lost his hair.

    76. King Jacob

      I’m 8 and I can carry 180lb

    77. unionfire

      The things I ''collected'' as a kid were cute and pretty images... Most of it were food items in Neopets XD Also emoticons (still image and moving). I'm weird lol

    78. NotDragon Balz

      Wholesome episode

    79. Buddyboltgaming

      What will the parents do when the kids are 20 and have back problems

    80. iifishy headii

      Imagine getting smacked by that Dad

    81. Ethan Oliver

      "The whole family eats 10 dozen eggs every week" 10 x 12 = 120, 'nick eats 12 eggs every day' 7 x 12 = 72, 120 - 72 = 48, 48 / 3 = 16, 16 / 7 = 2.29 eggs per day = Non-impressive egg intake other than nick

    82. Ilikecheeseandurugly101

      I think your reactions are the best

    83. Summer Oberes

      Felix, I'm being honest here but I've drank coffee since i was 5.

    84. DARK Swagger

      From the thumbnail i thought it was goldberg Lmaoo

    85. Xavy Rivera

      alright ima start watching one tire man

    86. wowshiii!!!!!!!!!!

      11 year old can do a 130 bar while I can barley do 110

    87. chimkin nungets

      I feel like the 11 year old would have a huge ego because of this

    88. mona rose

      I collect bananas

    89. moniva75

      Title should be "easily distracted by real or fake dogs"

    90. ShilohTheGold

      Pewdiepie What’s up

    91. G0atWhor3

      Why did I expected the cat ears to stay on when he took his headphones off 🤔

    92. jamie LeBlanc

      I didn’t collect lures, I collected rocks, don’t know why I just think they’re neat

    93. Zenkazi Music

      You guys all seem to be neglecting the fact that 'strong' doesn't = 'stronk'

    94. Boi Pancake

      10:59 he some how didn’t understand the one punch man reference

    95. K1ng

      I'm getting a bully vibe on the kid

    96. No No

      Imagine working out 240 hours every 7 days

    97. BRYTE Kru

      Also I'm sure roids cause hair loss but I'm pretty sure the dad naturally lost his hair. He doesn't look like a roid head at all he really looks all natural tbh.

    98. BRYTE Kru

      I hope drop clan is joking for real. The scary part is that drop clan most likely isn't joking and he's just pumped he can out lift a strong little kid.

    99. Mumu bitch

      The kid- hey mom i want some money to buy 3000 lure to make a you tube video like mr beast