Woman Addicted To Eating Sand..


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    1. Jerry DaMan

      But I don't want a gamer girlfriend I want a gamer boyfriend

    2. Sydney Ulrick

      pewds shud make sand eating video??? pls

    3. TheLegend 27

      domino’s pizza 🍕 BOOM now you want pizza

    4. rxx

      pyro clone

    5. Anton

      how did these ppl survive??

    6. Anton


    7. Miranda Yount

      when i was a kid i ate the sand in a sand pit at a waterpark and tbh i can get this bc the crunch was a nice oral fixation but i wouldn't do it again now that I'm older lmao

    8. Kashan Malick

      I had to use VPN to watch this video lmfao

    9. Stefan Kostić

      Well my brother used to eat sand as a kid and nothing bad happened

    10. Panda Monium

      News: Bees are dying at an alarming rate and scientists can't figure out why. Margrette: *Monkey looking away meme*

    11. NobodysWaifu

      Sand is ground up rock over years of decomposition. Or something I might be wrong. But but why would you eat it?

    12. Artist Life

      Really took SANDwhich to a whole new level

    13. RieeBellaHoney

      Killing all those bees. Smfh. And Exactly Felix, btches be fckin crazy is correct!

    14. Edvinosis

      oops that wasn't sand.... Its grandma....................

    15. GGGlider

      This girl has grit...in her teeth.

    16. Leineadayes

      that fricking aztec clay powder mask thing

    17. TheNPC

      “Craziest Woman Ever Eats Sand”

    18. Mason C

      89790 gallons of paint she has consumed

    19. Gaming with Boondockpa

      paint the fuck im a fucking ten year old an ik that it has chemical fumes like gasoline and diesel why what the fuck

    20. YetiMan

      Wonder what the women's that drinks paint throat would look like

      1. Anonymous4045

        Spoiler alert; like paint

    21. Mikael Andersson

      I feel sorry for the bees

    22. The Jonin Cactuar

      Ok the clearly added on sound effects (Foley) of the sand crunching in her mouth is bothering me a million times more than the actual fact she eats sand. Why has there got to be such over the top gritty crunching sounds added? Fucking nasty!

    23. Isak Eriksson

      Har du en svensk kanal

    24. Razvan-Andrei Mitrea

      What the f*ck

    25. Dracky Dog

      Me looking at the thumbnail: thats weird Me watching the video: WHAT THE HELL!

    26. Sing

      0:00 *what did he just say-*

    27. Roosty

      I was going to get a snack while watching this, however...

    28. アレクシウス

      strange addictions = death....-

    29. name

      The world's dark side

    30. Mando811

      To be honest i was expecting some pervert

    31. TFXkyle


    32. KAylmerTT [GD]

      Wilbur Soot: Ur battle will be legend

    33. Iren Arushanian

      This shit just grosses me out

    34. Everybody 48


    35. Lmate_

      For me it is when pewds said i enjoy that paint kills my brain cells

    36. AnonAmos


    37. Potato_ Amira

      The bee women is killing all the BFFFTT ( the minecraft bee of hardcore plz dont let this comment be a dumb thing

    38. kokiy mary

      Innocent bees are killed by zombie 🧟.

    39. kokiy mary

      😡😡😡😡. Eating sand` Paint Face mask 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    40. nun for brains

      "If you're 19 which I know you are, at least you're not eating sand" I feel so called out 😭

    41. Samuel Aaron Felipe

      sand is silica, the raw material for glass

    42. Ted24689 classified.

      When pewdiepie calls me out for also being 19 and not eating sand🥴

    43. Lukas Reimer


    44. Cyrus Villa

      Me: Carries a knife everywear Her: Ziploc bag of sand


      I also ate sand when i was 2 year old

    46. fumi

      how df are they still alive

    47. Random Kid

      12:48 she has pissed off the HUfast god

    48. Ace Tiger

      Pregnant women acctualy crave dirt and sand because they crave menrala

    49. japanese toilet

      sorry pyro but he has more subs

    50. Finn Edwards

      My two year old cousin has the same problem

    51. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      I'm glad Heather stopped. It better be permanent.

    52. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      I love how Pewds compared it to alchohol. 😂

    53. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Paint? Out of all the things... PAINT!? The other addictions seem normal now.

    54. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      10:58 - I immediately thought of Tusken Raiders. 😂😂

    55. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      9:19 - I know, right? 😂😂

    56. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      Anakin is disgusted right now.

    57. Flashy Dye

      Pewdiepie fight coco melon you can’t get over taken

    58. Nečum Vole

      yk what now i dont feel bad w my fictional character adiction😃

    59. Vivian Cardenas

      Iron deficientcies make you crave dirt and sand.

    60. Savino

      Hey that’s cool he put dbd in I love that game

    61. Adrienne Smith

      Before I opened the video, I had known there is gonna be an Anakin-Starwars joke lmao

    62. Tayten Cunningham

      When im having a mental breakdown i like to watch felix have a mental breakdown over other peoples mental breakdowns🤷‍♀️

    63. Jaxon Klaviter

      I've eaten sand before... unintentionally, and it tasted horrible.

    64. GreasyPlays

      The clay mask eating is like all 9 yr olds with Gfuel

    65. Ashley Whalen

      These are my favorite videos!!

    66. 503Music

      0:07 goodbye beard

    67. Shelby; and that's all really

      Margaret is the reason for the declining bee populations 😐

    68. _BlondeFreak_

      I used to eat playdough 24/7 when I was like 4. It was nice. But spicy tho 😫✊

    69. Kitty Pryde

      Okay, if you're eating sand, at least have the decency to cook the toddler and animal piss and shit out of it. And that is better than friggen KILLING BEES. Like, do you not know that we need those?!?! That we're running out of them??? Freakin...use wasps instead, at least!

    70. GrayWoIf

      There's certain salts that have like a sand texture she could be eating I stead

    71. Rafangel 2007

      If it's no longer for medical reasons JUST USE Wasps they don't die after they sting and contribute almost nothing to the earth.

    72. Jessica Rabbid

      Hello, I will buy her for sale of 1 rub of my magic lamp? I'm looking for someone that enjoys eating sand, likes hot weather, who always has the hump and is called Camilla... 🐫

    73. Jack Smith

      She literally gonna get reason bees get exisicted

    74. death the kid’s wife

      that natasha lady is eating that clay mask likes its yogurt or something

    75. Jack Smith

      She will love a desert

    76. Jessica Rabbid

      There are some animals that intentionally eat sand/rocks to help them break down tough, rough and hard foods they consume that are hard to easily digest. Like chickens who eat gravel so it helps break down hard and tough seeds, grains, and plant materials which aren't so easy to digest! 🐔

    77. Jessica Rabbid

      I like licking pebbles/stones/rocks that I find in the sea. Me and my dog will lick them, they taste nice and salty! It was my dogs idea at first, but once I tried it, I haven't turned back since!! My dog also likes balls tho, but I draw my line (in the sand) to putting balls in or near my mouth!

    78. Jessica Rabbid

      You sounded like beetle juice when you started the video

    79. Lick Your Hands

      She drinks paint ?

    80. Lick Your Hands

      What ?

    81. Lick Your Hands


    82. Rohit R

      Pewds : who looks at a rock and tells they want to taste it. 2 year old cocomelon viewers : you sure about that.

    83. derpPression

      *Even Gaara is afraid of her*

    84. Ansh Bajaj

      See man is nothing its addiction world

    85. Khalida balqis

      almost puke at clay mask

    86. Lemon Guy

      She probably needs to have a shower 100 times a day

    87. Lemon Guy

      She probably killed 1000000000000000000000000000002020202928282726626262526262627277227726 bees

    88. SavageHippie

      I've always been of the opinion that we should just take the warning stickers off of everything and see what happens. I mean they call it "natural" selection for a reason right...

    89. kylan husband

      Five million like and you'll dip chips in sand

    90. skfoxjrxzz

      Bees are seriously important for the eco system, and they’re endangered.

    91. TRX_ 1cy


    92. Stop Being An A-hole

      I’m 19 and not eating sand. 👍🏻

    93. Lethabo Mndaweni

      Pewds: *Talks about sponsor* Me: *skip ad*

    94. hex

      If we put together those people we could build ourselves a pretty neat mining and recycling facility. You know, human centipede style. But not the bee lady. R.I.P little innocent _Apis melliferas_

    95. Jbunnns


    96. Ash the Wolf

      took roblox game "eat sand" too serious

    97. fancy ness

      yummy.. wet rocks :D

    98. R W261

      She's killing the bees I'm gonna cry

    99. Philip Alcala

      If anakin could see this ...