YouTubers Morning Routine..


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    1. Display

      Like on the zombie scary music topic what if the zombies were the ones from the movie world war Z like when they are super fast and shit runni up walls and bullshit that would be scary af

    2. JR OG

      Bro if I had a alarm for zombies chasing me i would full sprint back to my house then have nightmares

    3. Bri P

      My mornings usually start with two or three dogs jumping on my face or nosing close to lick my face to tell me they want their breakfast. After they are fed and I have my shower, I brush my hair, get a batch of sweet tea going, make my food or coffee/tea and go eat on my deck or walk around with my cup while my dogs frolic so the sun dries my hair. Some days it is overcast or rainy so we can't do the outside frolic every morning, but we still go out on the part of the deck that is covered and enjoy the weather a bit.

    4. Carl Bryan-Brown


    5. ICE GAMER 67

      where the hell are the cat ears?!

    6. Andoy Doy

      Jesus Loves all of you

    7. In Flex

      wake up like 9 or 10am. make my bed. Take a 30min shower, brush my teeth. Make me somthing for breakfast and then play some random games or mixin music.

    8. Yavna K

      yo that candle is 129 euros. A freaking candle...

    9. Erik

      Showering for an hour is more strange than showering for 5 minutes tbh. Go in, do your thing and get out, is my shower routine. But I also pay to heat my water so there's that aspect too.

    10. Bikzente

      15:21 ken, you are not alone

    11. Mackenzie Clarkson

      5 minutes in the shower? Pshh.i don't even shower.

    12. アレクシウス

      18:56 psychopath...-

    13. Dj Auqland

      When i wake up i make yhogurt and eat it while whatching pewdiepie

    14. Celeste Akers

      The sheets have to be perfectly straight all the time otherwise it bothers me.

    15. TJ Killashaw

      This dude clearly hasnt watched seaspiracy

    16. caitolent

      My morning routine... wake up when I'm supposed to be logging into work, roll out of bed, log into work 2 minutes late, try to cope until lunch break.

    17. FannyZQ

      15:10 I do that!! Hahahaha!

    18. Labeeb

      Alex costa 🖤

    19. Deadmanbich bich123

      I sleep in sweatpants and hoodies so I don’t have to waist time on putting clothes on in the morning cause it’s damn cold 🥶

    20. Moltas

      My morning routine consists of waking up at 05.30 too go up and pee and then go back to bed and sleep to 11.30 I follow my dreams literally and the best thing to do that is to sleep for atleast 12 hours during 24 hour period.

    21. eric vig

      i wake up when the fuck i want to and i go to bed when the fuck i want to...anyone has an issue with that i remove them from my life...thank you bitcoin.

    22. Nils s

      Meanwhile she just wanted a picture with her hero... 16:00

    23. olivia borden

      i brush my teeth in the shower too

    24. Judy Khatib

      Omg is pewdiepie doing snus?!

    25. Yemirz

      I’m 10am: shit 1pm : re wipe

    26. Kale 322223

      First in 14 min

    27. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      I love how Ken just left. 😂😂

    28. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      I stay in the shower for about an hour as well! 🤣

    29. zayemay

      I can relate so well with the Ken ten second thing

    30. Lukas Reimer


    31. KING_KASH

      Im actually a morning person, i wake up earliest at 6 am latest 8 am. I just like the silence and fresh start before everyone wakes up with their crap and problems and start bothering me

      1. luke luke


    32. Rios_ismyname

      "You still need to sleep 8 hours!" Soldiers sleeping an average of 4 hrs: 🥴

    33. Dr1m X

      I usually wake up at 11 and then think how trash my life is and then go play minecraft

    34. Gunslinger I Lv

      There are 2 types of people 1: People who piss in the shower/pool 2: Liars

    35. Quelen Champlin

      I love how these lazy rich nerds don’t even take care of themselves but they got time to talk shit on Alex costa

    36. Sammy Baum

      Alex costa goated

    37. VK2532

      Chair in the shower. Waterfall gang!

    38. Hampus Gustavsson

      seriously I have the exact same morning routine as Felix wake up watch anime

    39. Starlord

      🤯🤯 that f ing candle is $192 cad 🇨🇦

    40. Drake Lamp

      Bruh the markiplier thumbnail has me dead

    41. b b


    42. Sydney Britt

      "what is wrong with this person?" you have no idea

    43. Lillian Best

      it’s so messed up that a Pescatarian diet (fish) is marketed as “saving the earth” when industrial fishing is literally the #1 thing killing the planet. Eat less fish bros! watch Seaspiracy on Netflix if you can

      1. KARTHIK


    44. Magdalena

      I watch HUfast/ Netflix / play game and then I’m out of the bed.

    45. Munna K


    46. TheAdvertisement

      Mark and Felix are like "Running at night is great!" Meanwhile Ken just thinks they're crazy. xD

    47. crystal laine

      wake up at 9 just to log in and say present for online class AND put it on mute then go back to sleep again while the class is going.. REALEST THING

    48. Zoltán Háda

      when a gamer/youtuber gives you better fitness advices than an actual fitness magazine ( Men's fitnes latest video about a Chef who goes to bed at 12:00 and wakes up 3 o clock in the morning )

    49. Aaaa An

      I’m sorry but why is Felix’s forehead seems to be larger in this video

    50. xxoul xxeller

      wtf is a morning

    51. Lucy Macdougall

      wake up 12:3o, watch tv + your new video if there is one till about 2am, fall asleep


      Alex Costa really is like : Why is me in that thumbnail.

    53. I dont know what to change my name to

      My morning is pretty simple now that i think of it.. i wake up at 9 am probably Take my ipad and headphones Open HUfast and watch videos Or continue watching naruto shippuden Get up at 1pm because I’d have just remembered i have to eat When i finish eating breakfast i continue watching vids / anime 👶

    54. ItsPrince

      Is pewds balding?? 🤔 🤔 🤔

    55. # JERRY

      My morning routine: F, i wake up in afternoon

    56. Blue Panda3

      Fishing trash is worse for the ocean and environment than methane gas from cattle farming is to the ozone layer. Eat some chicken and stop eating fish

    57. Everett Richins


    58. Caric Siu

      Can pew can a trophy for 110 million sub

    59. bobby nirme

      Real gamers wake up at night

    60. Lucia Isdale

      I wake up at 9:00 on the weekends and I have school so I wake up at 8:20 ish on week days LOL I never wake up on alarms either

    61. Gerardo Lozano

      They’re a married couple

    62. Deidre Donaldson

      Sleep until 11 then morning almost over

    63. Jakori

      wake up - take a piss - turn on pc

      1. VØID

        ma man

    64. Pinhead Army

      I did the same thing Ken does when running, always thought it was so stupid lol

    65. Richard Mängelmann

      Pewds: no cat ears. Ken: cat ears. What is this madness

    66. lil pewds

      15:20 most related thing ever heard 😂😂😂 ken is op

    67. Jackie Powell

      Morning people are super weird....also people who shower fast....yea I'm judging. I have 4 kids in the house, the youngest is 3, and even he sleeps in til at least 10am...I never will be up early...never....and if I am, it's some huge emergency out of my control.

    68. 1.GIR

      Wake up in a puddle of sweat, freezing, then call in sick and wach youtube videos to get some seretonin going. I never brush my teeth

    69. Fan Man

      whake up start mi copmuter and eat break feast and when play video games rest off the day'

    70. Austin

      I'm a chef that works in fine dining. My wake up routine is the bottle whiskey that stands there and waits for me. 16 hours of work every day. What routine? It's fucked up but it is what it is.

    71. Cosmos_YT

      just got a Retarded PETA add on this vid and I want to rip out my eardrums at about (5:07)

    72. Merbby Gutierrez

      Pewdiepie if you read coments then will you read this?

    73. dinmma haha

      A gamer never sleep

    74. Reese Nachbur

      I just don’t wake up in the morning

    75. Luis Armando

      I once saw a video of some soldiers being ambushed in Afganistán, they had yo run for like 6 hours since the fire was always close, so when I go out to run and I start to feel very tired I think I'm being ambushed and I have to run, I also like to remember times I had Street fights or any kind of adrenaline moment, adrenaline kinda helps me not feel tired lol

    76. Ayaan CakeO_o

      I wake up I do stuff I sleep

    77. Sheila Ames

      Ken walking away when pewds was talking about being pescatarian was hilarious 😂

    78. A.L

      Feels bad on OCD dude, OCD is harsh

    79. øm4ř śrør

      Wait you guys sleep ??

    80. Wolfy

      mine: shower eat cereal clean my teeth take a dump wake up get out of bed all in that order

    81. Michelle Reyes

      the dream reference 😂

    82. Nah Im severus

      my grandma has a shower bench lmaoo

    83. Mark Aplier

      I have a cool trick for skipping the morning routine. I wake up at 1 pm

    84. Ana-Maria

      Why is Ken routine relatable? I have 4 alarms from 9 to 10:30 and I still wake up at 12 pm 😂😂😂

    85. Oliver Ryan

      What I swear I remember Felix laughed at a meme that Ken was talking about at 15:30

    86. 7

      I wish I could run at night as well :(

    87. Uroboros _8

      Felix - "In a perfect world, there will be no lawyers". Me who is a lawyer - :(

    88. Lumative

      I wake up around 5pm, look at my phone and realize I missed school, eat, go back to bed

    89. adriaaan.n

      I Wake up at 6 am, switch the alarm off and go back to sleep..... Like this comment for an afternoon routine

    90. Lord Simpanore

      I wake up around 8, get dressed, make some food and eat around 9, take a 15 minute shower (While brushing my teeth), put on clean clothes, make some lunch and start gaming or work depending on the day

    91. Cassie Jayy

      Markipliers sandwich: BLT hold the lettuce and tomato

    92. Sean Secret

      My morning routine is still being awake

    93. Sam Parker

      I wake up at 5:30 am then sit in 2 hours of LA traffic

    94. YourLocalAlien

      brushing your teeth in the shower aint weird cmon lmao

    95. YourLocalAlien

      i actually used the zombies run app too it's pretty fun

    96. Bicycle Boi

      Bro why does Ken look like Robert smigel if you know you know

    97. KUKU

      I wake at at about 12:00

    98. Osvaldo Perdomo

      I can’t wear the same socks after taking them off wtf😂

    99. Cillian Hynes

      I love CinnamonToastKen